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Witcher – Rivian Warrior Silver White Wolf Sword

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Witcher – Rivian Warrior Silver White Wolf Sword


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We convey farewell to this improbable warrior in his final sport the Wild Hunt. Geralt of Rivia is identified as the White Wolf, wolves are recurrently related with him due to his viciousness in strive in opposition to and the medallion he wears. Alongside with his trademark white hair he has battled ferociously at some level of this series. The rationale he appears so various than others of his style is that Geralt used to be subjected to extra experimental mutagens which rendered his hair white and could presumably presumably own given him higher velocity, energy, and stamina than his fellow mates. He’s the suitable on to dwell on these forms of experiments. He possesses superhuman abilities and is a grasp swordsman. On this third sport he carries a astronomical excellent-attempting silver sword excellent cherish the sword before you. This sword is made from stainless steel and edged on every aspects. Three fullers dart down the blade. The immoral guard and various accents are made from zinc with a brush steel elevate out. The handle is wrapped with a shaded waxed cotton cord. The pommel aspects double headed wolves with excellent-attempting detailing. Incorporated is a wood scabbard with a shaded reduction strap.



Total Length: 45.75 Inches
Blade Length: 35.25 Inches
Blade Subject fabric: Stainless Steel
Take care of Length: 10.50 Inches
Wrong Guard Length: 4.62 Inches

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