USED – TeslaTap MINI – Tesla to J-1772 Adapter – 60 AMP – MADE in USA

USED – TeslaTap MINI – Tesla to J-1772 Adapter – 60 AMP – MADE in USA

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Price: 239.95 USD

Tesla Part Info:

USED – TeslaTap MINITesla to J-1772 Adapter – 60 AMP – MADE in USA


MADE IN USA – Original TeslaTap MINI 60 – Up to 60 AMPs at
250VAC (15KW).

Manufacturer Tested and verified to be 100% operational as new.  May have a few visual imperfections. 

Proudly Designed, Engineered, Tested, and Assembled in the USA

✔ Compatible – Can be used with ALL
Generations of Tesla Chargers so you can connect your EV to ANY Tesla High
Power Wall Connector, Destination Charger, or Universal Mobile Connector.

✔ Tough – Completely machined from 100% Delrin (Acetal Homopolymer) to
very high tolerances and connections are fully encased and sealed internally
for protection and can even be driven over and continue to operate.

Small – Less than 5” in total length (only extends 3.5” when
inserted into EV) and has two Locking levers to give you the ability to lock it
to your EV and/or your Tesla connector and can be easily stored in your EV glove
box when not in use.

✔ Warranty – TeslaTap’s are protected for 1 year against
manufacturing defects and have a direct US customer service phone number.

 Authentic TeslaTap MINI 60 AMP Version – MADE IN USA ….

CHARGERS including Gen2 and Gen3.

The TeslaTap MINI has O-Ring seals on all Tesla and J-1772
pins and is virtually waterproof.

TeslaTap adapters have a special circuit that allows you to
charge your non-Tesla EV on ANY Tesla Destination, UMC, or High Power Wall

Safety is the most important issue and our adapters have all
of the pins needed to maintain full functionality and safety protocols used by
both Tesla and J-1772 charging systems.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and will not work with the
Tesla Supercharger Network.

We do not list all of the vehicles that are compatible as our
bypass circuit makes the TeslaTap MINI 60 compatible with ALL US built EV’s
with a continuous charge rate up to 60 AMPS @ 250V (15 Kw).

TeslaTap has a US Customer Support line that you can call or
email if you have any type of issue using their adapters.

Clarification: Tesla is the registered trademark of Tesla
Inc. and is not affiliated with TeslaTap.

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