Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2

Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2

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Price: 550.00 USD

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Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2


Tesla Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 Wall Connector Charger ; 24 foot cable ; 40 amps

Here is one in every of the rare Gen 2 wall connectors that had the NEMA 14-50 plod. They weren’t offered for terribly long for the reason that plod head used to be inclined to being rotten.

Final one year, I stopped up changing the usual NEMA plod on the wall connector with an OpenEVSE one due to the the rotten plod.

I also added an Elon Musk signature faceplate to it. It does possess a crack in the backside corner though. The wand that goes into the automobile has a wrap on it. It’s silver beneath adore your total different ones obtainable, I needed it dusky to compare the faceplate.

Additionally, as proven in the image one in every of the mounting screws is different than different one.


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