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Mat’s got his hands on a new Tesla Model 3 Performance… And he’s here to share a truly in-depth review with you!

As you’d expect from the name, the Model 3 Performance is one EV which can compete with the best when it’s on the road. With dual electric motors, it can put down 462hp and 639Nm of torque… That’s 96hp & 130Nm more than the Model 3 Long Range! Not only that, but its claimed range is only 8 miles shy of what the long range can achieve, too!

2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance: Is This Worth It Despite The Price Increase?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is the best Tesla yet. Today I’m reviewing the Model 3 Performance, and I’m going to discuss why it’s the best Tesla — and I’m going to show you all the cool features of the Model 3 Performance. Then I’m going to get it out on the road and drive the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance Review

Hey guys how’s it going in front of me we have the model 3 performance a big shout out to shift electric vehicles in oakville they have this in stock brand new zero kilometers so what’s new with the 2022 models you have the projector headlight beam right there with the old one you only have the three projectors at the bottom

Led fog lamps what makes this difference between the other models is the performance package so you have the 21 inch turbine rims with the red brake calipers so much different of this model is the lip isn’t sticking out as much as the previous versions so it’s not bad for potholes have this beautiful carbon spoiler.

The back gloss very nice dual motor letting everyone know they have 490 horsepower i love these rims so much 21 inch turbine standard show that’s a shift come check them out this is the back if suede along the door stand here pretty much nothing special No carbon you have your white seats got your cup holder here very handy yeah the floor is flat no transmission hump two usb-c ports in the back with your climate control you have your sunroof just sucks that there’s a bridge here the model y is completely glass we have our camera ports right here.

Autopilot a little camera here for a turn signal this is also used for autopilot and you have the led strip along the side what do you guys think it looks like a standard model three but it’s actually the top trend and the way of knowing that is looking by the rims, so we have the key that’s how you get in or you can use your phone so yeah this is the model 3 performance guys nothing really crazy i’m just taking the smell right now so we have at the bottom two wireless charging pads for your phone i love this one compared to the old one Because it has like a little lip here so like prevent your phone from sliding really nice a lot room for storage very nice you have your two cup holders right there more storage very nice you don’t have a heads-up display which is unfortunate but it’s okay we have our classic tesla signal.

And volume up volume down i wish this car had carbon but we have this white piano accent along the side we have white stitching on the door handle yeah so on the previous regeneration it was gloss black now it’s matte finish so which is really nice less scratches i guess but my absolute favorite part about this car compared to the horsepower and the rams Has to be the new amd ryzen cpu it is crazy fast so if you go to settings if we go down to i think serb knows right here so it has the amd ryzen cpu right there super fast and i want to show you guys the speed of this so Launch the browser let’s do cnbc oh i don’t think it has premium connectivity on what’s that new oh i don’t think the car is parked now let’s try it from park interesting it’s not really opening here right now i think because we’re not connected.

Yeah everything is just fluent fast look at that feels more crisper than the other version the intel atom which was garbage so yeah let’s open up the browser talk about pricing with this so google’s not loading but i’ll open tesla for you guys yeah tell us the works I guess this doesn’t really want to work it’s okay though it’s okay it’s whatever i’ll show you guys the front time that’s your frunk your washer fluid cap the daytime headlights on it’s flipping right now because of the camera show you guys the trunk so this is power operated it closes automatically.