Tesla Model X Windshield Wiper Blade (1 pair)

Tesla Model X Windshield Wiper Blade (1 pair)

Tesla Model X
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Price: 39.99 USD

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Tesla Model X Windshield Wiper Blade (1 pair)

Wiper blades for the Tesla Model X

And YES! These wipers DO have water channels with tiny holes for the washer fluid!

Wiper blades for the Model X are not available in stores, nor even readily available online!

These wiper blades are made specifically for the Tesla Model X (2016-Jan2021, all variations) and include the pinch tabs, a water connection, and the hollow blade with tiny holes for the washer fluid to flow through onto the windshield. 

Each individually boxed set includes two blades: 28″ for the driver side, and 18″ for the passenger side.

Get this set and save yourself money by changing the wiper blades yourself! You may even want to keep a spare set handy! Having replacement wipers installed at the Tesla Service Center cost me over $74. Installing is not much more complicated than disconnecting the old one and reconnecting the new one; a few minutes max, if you have some idea of what you’re doing. If you’ve never changed wiper blades before, there are several how-to videos on youtube, and even a complete novice can probably get them changed out in under 15 minutes, including the time it takes to watch the video!

I am trying to establish an assortment of hard-to-get items for various Tesla models. For example, I’m also hoping to sell key fob batteries for the Model X (but so far, I’m still trying to figure out shipping logistics for coin-type batteries). If there is anything you’ve had a hard time finding for your Tesla and thought “I wish someone sold these on eBay,” please let me know and I’ll see what I can do! 

Also, I would greatly appreciate if you could leave feedback once you’ve received / tried out your wiper blades so that others will know that this is a legitimate offer! Thank you!

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