Tesla Model S 2012-2020 FULLY ADJUSTABLE LOWERING LINKS USA Seller Free Shipping

Tesla Model S 2012-2020 FULLY ADJUSTABLE LOWERING LINKS USA Seller Free Shipping

Tesla Model S
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Tesla Model S 2012-2020 FULLY ADJUSTABLE LOWERING LINKS USA Seller Free Shipping

This auction is for a set of new Lowering Links and installation instructions for 2012 through 2021 Tesla Model S 85D, P85, P85D, 90, P90, P90D, and P100D with Air Suspension.  Instead of replacing expensive springs and shocks, the lowering is accomplished by altering the lengths of the ride height sensors arms.

Our kits are FULLY ADJUSTABLE so you can set your vehicle to be as low as you like.  The kits take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to install.

 On most vehicles there is a ride height sensor on all four control arms.  One side is connected to the frame and the other a control arm. To see what they look like on most vehicles is easy.  Put the vehicle to the highest setting and look straight into the wheel well on top of the front tire.  You may need a flashlight.  In the rear you have to look from underneath.  They move with the suspension and tell the computer what height the vehicle should be sitting. Our kit replaces the stock sensor arms to Fully Adjustable Links.  When lengthened or shortened, depending on the application, they change the voltage coming from the sensor.  That tricks the computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting higher then the factory setting therefore lowering it.


Q. How low will my car be when the linkages have been installed?

A. The linkages are adjustable and can be adjusted so that your car be lowered by as much as 2 1/2 inches.

Q. Will the suspension settings button inside the vehicle still work?

A. Yes. You will be able to use the settings button as normal, each setting will be at a lower point than with the standard linkages fitted.

Q. Will the Height adjustment button still work?

A. Yes. The button, when pressed, will still raise and lower the car.

Q. How will the ride quality be effected by lowering my car?

A. The lower you set the suspension the car will feel more firm and sporty.

Q. Will I gain improved handling by installing the linkages?

A. Yes, as the cars center of gravity has been lowered.

Q. Do I need to have the linkages fitted by a mechanic?

A. No, you will be able to install the linkages using our comprehensive instructions and a limited amount of tools.  The tools required are a jack, jack stands, an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Q. Do I need to have the camber and alignment checked?

A. If any car is lowered the camber and alignment should be checked.  The wheel camber will increase the further you lower your car and as a result your tires may wear on the insides slightly without having the camber adjusted.  Our personal cars have not had any camber alterations as we are happy to sacrifice a little tire wear for the impressive sporty look you gain with negative camber.

Q. Will my manufactures warranty be affected by installing the lowering linkages?

A. The installation of the lowering linkages is fully reversible which will allow you to simply return your vehicle to standard should there ever be a concerns regarding the manufacturers warranty or should you wish to transfer them to a similar model car.  Once the standard linkages have been refitted to your car nobody will be any the wiser that you have ever lowered your car.

Q. What height do you normally drive your car at?

A. Low, Very Low. However if I am going on a longer trip I may raise the suspension for a smoother, softer drive but should I decide to have some fun, I simply select one of the sport modes for improved handling.

USPS Shipping with tracking is FREE to the United States. 

International Shipping is also available.

Installation of our kit assumes installer has basic knowledge of working around vehicles and we take no responsibility for any injury that may result from negligence and/or unsafe practices.  Installer is responsible to properly secure vehicle so it does not fall off jack stands or lift while working on vehicle.  These install instructions are merely a tool to illustrate how to install the links.  They are not intended to cover every aspect of working on vehicles.  Normal safe vehicle handling is always the installer’s responsibility.

You are responsible for damage that may occur from faulty installation and/or excessive lowering.  Our links are preset for a moderate drop but are fully adjustable and can be set for extreme lowering.  This is the case for all adjustable links on the market.  Installer assumes all responsibility for any damage that may result from lowering the vehicle beyond the safe design limits of the system.  We advise that the vehicle not be lowered past the point where the fender is flush with the tires.  If the vehicle feels “bouncy” you are at the travel limits of the suspension.  Raise the vehicle up until ride quality returns.

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