Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter Review

Okay i’m in the tesla model x just headed over to our utility company that used this new CHAdeMO adapter to charge up the car all right we just got our new tesla CHAdeMO adapter so we’re at our local charging place this is our actual utility company and they have a CHAdeMO adapter here so what we’re going to do is.

okay so after we plugged into the car we come over here it’s just asking this to uh select which charger this side is the ccs this is the CHAdeMO so we just touched that now it’s doing a charging all right let’s go in and see how what our kilowatt rating okay our battery wasn’t that Empty we’re probably 80 but i had i just set my limit to full just so just so we can test out the charging capabilities here we’re getting 21 kilowatts per hour which at that speed is about 63 miles of charge per hour which is a lot faster than the level 2 like the j1772 or something like that so the CHAdeMO can do up to 50 kilowatts and generally the the lower the battery Level the quicker you’re gonna get so we probably could get the full 25 kilowatts if we were down at you know five or ten percent battery.


we’ll let this kind of sit there for a little bit and see uh how much charge we get all right guys so we just got back from the charger and it charges up great i’m really happy that this uh really gives higher speeds than just the you know the j1772 plug that Comes with the car this is giving close to 70 kilowatts per hour of charging just as a comparison superchargers you know 150 to 250 kilowatts so a lot faster but this is at least a nice option to have especially if your car doesn’t have free supercharging like this model x we have does not have free supercharging whereas our s does so if We take the x on a road trip it’s nice to have this along with us so that we can stop it non-tesla chargers it won’t charge as fast as a supercharger but at least give us an option to charge at different charging locations different places along the way for example one concern i do have this thing.

i mean you can i don’t know if you can see this here but this charging cable here this is this is like the thickness Of like a supercharger cable this is a very robust plug right here too this really feels like a supercharger and for example when i’m charging the car here i open up my outlet it plugs into this so that adds some weight here and this just dangles down like this this just hangs down which is kind of strange because all of the weight of the adapter is now Straining the outlet and it adds it’s adding some weight there and then when i go to release this out you know it feels like it’s putting strain on this for some reason so i’m not sure what tesla’s thoughts are on that if that’s going to be a problem as far as adding weight if it’s going to eventually damage my outlet my charging outlet plug because i have extra weight added there i’m not sure but That is a concern but also the other concern is the cost i mean this is almost 400 on tesla website it’s rain it’s varied in price they go they sell you it seems like on ebay you find them from five to six hundred dollars which i don’t get why you’re paying more than what you’d buy it from tesla but they’re not in stock very often like they’re they’re not very common.

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

The CHAdeMO plug is not is kind of being phased out too so it’s not like the the ccs is kind of the new standard the ccs plug is what some of the newer electric car companies are coming out with and using so that’s going to be the more that’s going to be the more widely used adapter so i’m still waiting for tesla to come out with a ccs adapter so that we can use the ccs plugs uh all the other electric charging Networks there’s a couple there’s i know there’s an aftermarket one but it’d be interesting to see what tesla has to come out with for that but i’m glad i got this but you know for four hundred dollars you’d have to make up for that in charging so for example i use the the place i just went to is my power company’s parking lot they Just have it for you know use for the public and it’s free so you know i’d have to charge quite a bit to make up for the cost of this which i’m going to try you know as often as i can i’ll use that just to kind of help offset the cost of this but it is nice to have options this thing feels you know not only is it kind of bulky to carry around but it does feel pretty robust like it’s sturdy like it’s going to last quite a while so i Don’t have any problems with that just the weight of it the weight of it pulling down on my outlets kind of the concern of it so anyways hopefully you found that helpful.

we’re going to keep using this to see how we can what outlets are available in the area you know if you don’t have a CHAdeMO uh chargers nearby you it’s this is this wouldn’t be worth buying obviously so it’s worth it to us because we have free CHAdeMO charging close to our house within a mile of us so that’s worth it but otherwise it probably wouldn’t be if you don’t have those kind of chargers available.

Is the Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter WORTH $450

So guys i spent 450 on this CHAdeMO to tesla adapter and i’ve been on the fence on and off for about this thing forever because 450 for a charging adapter seems crazy so i kind of want to discuss is it worth it how why did i get it why did i use it how does it help my life and i’m just going to kind of try to Explain my situation and see if you can grab any benefits on your end so to get started the reason why i bought this is because i frequently drive from my house in florida to my family’s um house in virginia and they live kind of like in the country slash like not fancy area so tesla chargers ev chargers we don’t know them they’re not around so when i’m in town i’m typically Just charging on a typical 120 outlet so very very very slow.

it does top you off so if you drive around during the day you can pretty much get your charge back but you’re never going to go from like zero to 100 overnight like that’s charging from a zero to 100 on a normal um charger takes days so basically the reason why i got This um the last supercharger i can charge at is rocky mount north carolina and i go to suffolk virginia so if you map it out um i don’t remember exactly it’s like maybe a hundred fifty two hundred miles i’ll display that on the screen so what what this chatimo adapter allows me to do is charge in emporia virginia So emporia is about 50 miles from my destination in suffolk and the thing is too though a big reason why i got this is that i’m driving now in the cold so range is way worse um if you want the heat on it also sucks up your battery life so i didn’t want to be like you know i didn’t want to be suffering in the cold just because i didn’t have an ability to charge so When i used this in emporia i charged up to like 93-ish percent i didn’t charge up all the way and i used the electrify america charger at walmart actually so very convenient.

i had the electrify america app already on my phone it was honestly very simple um from a non-tesla standpoint with the tesla supercharger you literally plug it in you’re good with this i had to kind of connect the chatimo to this i had to plug this into The tesla i had to scan the um the charger and then i was pretty much good and then it basically bills you at a per kilowatt um hour limit.


i spent like nine dollars for what i charged i’ll put it up here um on the screen and then as far as the charging speed it maxes out at 50 kilowatts um i think i was getting around like 42 Ish which comes out to like 150 miles per hour which isn’t bad but just the tip for you um do not navigate like don’t pick your don’t pick the electrify america chatimo charging spot as your location because your tesla will tell you to get there um at a very low range and what you don’t want to do is charge a lot with this because like it is Slower and you pay for it so what you want to do is basically navigate to the closest supercharger to your CHAdeMO um destination that’s what i did so i i get free supercharging miles and it’s way faster um it’s kind of like a since my chat amount is closer to home i want to charge there for sure but i don’t want to arrive at the CHAdeMO charger With a very low state of charge because i could be there for hours right yeah i’m charging from zero to a hundred ish and it’s like 150 miles an hour i would be there minimum two hours and of course i’ll be paying a lot more anyway that’s my situation of course yours could be different there’s a lot of different ways or reasons why you would want this or need this for me It’s basically just filling in the gaps where there aren’t superchargers so like emporia virginia if there’s ever a time where they install superchargers i will never need to use this again um there’s also other situations i could see where maybe you live near a chatimo charger that’s free and if you can get free charging the 450 dollars may be worth it if you can drive.

Everywhere on superchargers and your destination has good charging there’s not much reason to get this because also another reason i have this like i said i’m out of town i’m in virginia when i leave virginia i need to get to that rocky mount north carolina supercharger so i can’t leave here on a low charge either because i have to be charged up fully enough to get home So i kind of have to plan that out so having this CHAdeMO allows me i could leave here with way less range because as long as i get to this chatimo charger in walmart i can then charge enough to get to the supercharger so once again this just kind of fills in the gaps don’t rely on this if you’re in my situation but it does help get you to a higher state of charge before you get somewhere Else you know also too it’s just good peace of mind so say if you’re driving and like the road is closed or there’s a detour or the superchargers are broken or there’s a long wait for superchargers if there’s a nearby chatimo charger maybe you’d want to take advantage of it because like i said like electrify america is pretty like it’s it’s everywhere so it’s good to have.

CHAdeMO Adapter

But it’s just very hard to recommend this thing 450 dollars even in my situation i don’t need need to use this to get to my destination or get home it’s just kind of nice to have and i hope that this thing works you know for years and years and years and years like say if i buy another tesla in a few years if i can still use this then i’d say it’s worth it you know if you can keep it for a Very long time um another thing to point out though the with electrify america CHAdeMO there’s only one charger everything else is the ccs which is just another type of charger and tesla doesn’t have an adapter for that yet so with this CHAdeMO you are reliant on no one being in that one spot you’re also reliant on the CHAdeMO charger even working because it did work for me perfectly But i’ve read like plug share where electrify america basically states that the treadmill adapter or plug is down and it’ll be down for like a week at a time um you can check the app though before you get there which is good but yeah so say if i spent 450 dollars i drove to this electrified america charger and it was down i would be pretty po’d because i Literally bought this for that exact charger in that situation there’s no other time i’m really going to need this currently right now so i want to answer the question in the title of this video is this CHAdeMO adapter worth it like i understand there probably is a lot of tech that had to go into this because i mean it is so big there probably is a lot of processing that needs to go in here 450 Is a stretch i’d say it really isn’t worth it um my situation even like i i do like it because it can allow me to fill in some gaps that i really didn’t need.

but it just made my peace of mind way better i’ve never driven in the wintertime and i’ve never driven with my 20 inch zero g wheels long distances either so i wanted to be comfortable in a lot Of aspects and that did provide some peace of mind and also if you’re in a situation where you have free CHAdeMO charging like all around you um then this thing would pay for itself you know say like every charge is 10. like you know 10 then this would pay for itself in 45 charges so if you do that that’s great like that’s it it will pay for itself um but if Tesla ever comes out with the ccs adapter i would probably want that nine times out of ten over this thing and the ccs adapter looks way less complex so i’m not sure what they would sell it for but say if it was like a hundred dollars or two hundred dollars that’s a slap in the face for people that bought this um but ultimately having more chargers