Shido DC4 Battery Charger to fit Chery cars

Shido DC4 Battery Charger to fit Chery cars

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Shido DC4 Battery Charger to fit Chery cars


Shido DC4 Battery Charger to fit Chery cars

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Shido DC4.0 Dual Battery Charger

Input:220-240V AC 50-60Hz

Output: 12V 1A/4A DC or 6V 1A DC

Product Details:

These chargers are clever, very clever, and with the use of pre-installed algorithms they dictate the optimum Voltage (V) and Current (A) for the battery that has been connected.

That in-built intelligence is not only for when the battery is first connected. The Charger will also re-calculate throughout the time the battery is connected to apply any further optimisation.

A ‘flat’ lithium LiFePO4 battery (<10V) should be charged very gently from the start by applying a very low voltage and current and then incrementally increasing these.

Applying high voltage and current directly from the start will cause premature failure and chargers that apply more than 15V will cause severe damage to your Lithium battery.

Suitable for Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) batteries and all types of Lead Acid batteries

Protects against polarity reversal

Calculates the optimum charging voltage and current for the connected battery throughout the charge cycle

Shido Dual Chargers check the batteries voltage every 4 hours once fully charged. If the voltage drops below 12.8V the charger will begin the charge cycle again

Supplied with “fit & forget” ring leads with waterproof cap as well as crocodile clips

IP65 Waterproof

Clear split between Lithium, AGM and standard Lead-Acid charging modes

If you are unsure about fitment please get in touch and we will be happy to help

Shido make top quality motorcycles batteries that are super lightweight, can start your bike much faster, and can even give you a stronger spark for reduced fuel consumption. Their replacement batteries are the best you can buy and their level of quality far surpasses other aftermarket components.

Shido chargers use cutting edge technology and are designed to make sure you get the maximum lifespan out of your Lithium Ion or Lead-Acid battery

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