Multiribbed belt DT Spare Parts 13.43508 Multiribbed belt 7 PK L: 2876 mm

Multiribbed belt DT Spare Parts 13.43508 Multiribbed belt 7 PK L: 2876 mm

Tesla Model 3
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Price: 31.01 USD

Tesla Part Info:

Multiribbed belt DT Spare Parts 13.43508 Multiribbed belt 7 PK L: 2876 mm

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Name: Multiribbed belt DT Spare Parts 13.43508 Multiribbed belt 7 PK L: 2876 mm

Brand: DT Spare Parts

Item number: 13.43508

Packaging unit: 1 piece(s)

EAN: 4057795439207

Suitable for:

  • FORD 1099893
  • FORD 1129182
  • FORD YC1E-6C301-BB
  • FORD YC1E-6C301-DB
  • FORD YC1E6C301BB
  • FORD YC1E6C301DB

For detailed information for the appropriate vehicles, please search using the item or reference number in the Partner Portal by Diesel Technic. If you have questions, please contact the Diesel Technic HelpDesk.

Other product features:

  • Weight [g]: 323
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty
  • Length [mm]: 2876
  • Width [mm]: 24,9
  • Number of ribs: 7
  • Parameter: 7PK2876

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