JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

  • Up to 7x faster charge: High-power, 40 amperes, 10kW EV charging station. Indoor / outdoor installation. Built-in cable rack and security lock. UL listed. ENERGY STAR-certified. 3-year limited warranty for normal residential use.
  • Convenient WiFi connectivity: With the free JuiceNet app, control and monitor charging remotely, get notified when your car is fully charged, set reminders to charge, and more. Dynamic LED lights show charging status. Voice control via Amazon Echo / Alexa.
  • Smart grid savings: Schedule your charging times when rates are lower — making your electric vehicle even cheaper to drive.
  • Plug-in installation: Just install a simple NEMA 14-50R outlet and you’re ready to plug in your JuiceBox. Compatible with some dryer outlets via available adapters.
  • Rebates: Qualifies for local incentives in many utility service areas. Participate in the Enel X JuicePoints program to earn cash for smart charging in eligible geographies.

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JuiceBox 40, the best-selling smart home electric vehicle charger, combines performance and value. Enjoyed by thousands of satisfied EV drivers, JuiceBox delivers all the safety and smart charging features you need to make home charging convenient, reliable, and cost-effective.

Built on the universal J1772 charging standard, JuiceBox is a Level 2 charging station that can power all electric vehicles on the market today, including Teslas via a Tesla-provided adapter. The Juice Box comes with a built-in cable rack and security lock for versatile use, indoors and out.

Accessible and Durable

25 feet of cable gives you the freedom to install your electric car charger wherever needed. The convenient rack lets you store your charging cable neatly. The weatherproof casing allows installation indoors or out.

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WiFi Connectivity & Smart Phone App

Control and monitor charging remotely. Conveniently set your JuiceBox to charge at times when electricity rates are lower with the JuicePass mobile app. EV drivers can also set charging notifications and reminders to plug in.

Easy Installation

JuiceBox is ready to plug into any NEMA 14-50 outlet and comes with a 2-foot input cable. When hiring an electrician for installation, request that they install a NEMA 14-50 receptacle for the rating of your JuiceBox.

Be Ready for an EV Future

The J1772 plug ensures compatibility with all electric vehicle makes and models, including Teslas via a Tesla-provided adapter. Share charging load among two or more JuiceBox chargers without adding an additional circuit.

I originally ordered the plug in model, but when I talked to the electrician who installed it, he said the hard wired is better because with the plug in you need gifs and that can be end up causing problems. The charger works great (it is on the side of the house outdoors) and a vast improvement over plugging in the manufacturer supplied cable. Plus it charges vastly faster than the using the standard 120 watt outlet. i will say the wifi connection is a challenge — i need to turn off the electricity at the electric box in the basement at the other side of the house.. (or convince the hub to do it) while I try to be close to the box to set up the wifi. So far several attempts have failed. And it was very confusing because at one point it looked like the box recognized the wifi — but couldn’t go any further with the set up. Then I tried to set it up starting with a sign in — but that went nowhere. i am working up the intestinal fortitude to try to connect it again. I tried to follow the troubleshooting suggestions but found that confusing and of course there is no phone number. i am getting reimbursed from the utility and they require chargepoint or juicebox. The chargepoint was out of stock so I bought this. Someone said in a review that reinserting the handle into the juicebox was a bit dicey. As long as you understand that the handle insertion isn’t the same firm insertion as on the car, but a bit more sweet i think it works ok. It does have a lock to lock it to the wall — sadly — after the electrician had already locked it miss curiousity here turned the key a couple of times and now i have no idea whether it is locked or unlocked. I called two electricians — both sent an estimator but only one sent a proposal which was annoying. So we went with the one who sent a proposal. But the electrician was great, easy to work with and the installation took no time. They did have to use two slots in the main. But i am really excited to be on the electric car journey — I bought a hybrid/electric (which i love) .. so down the road I can do fully electric . According to the electrician this is a capital improvement so I didn’t need to pay sales tax — except I don’t know what this will do with my property taxes. On the other hand can’t say it hurts to do this because there is so much emphasis on going electric so future homeowners might be happy to already having this ready to go. Sadly a bad roof job prevents me from adding solar to the roof — am looking at community solar programs but it looks like I would need to use more electricity to make it worth while.

The mobile app provide no time controls for its graphs. You’ll notice my first pic is a perfect graph of my charging time – great! The second graph shows where I plugged in my car at night but didn’t want it to start charging until the following morning – it plotted the entire time! The app provides no way of “zooming in” on the actual charge time to see the detail.

I contacted support and all they said was, “You’re correct. The app can’t do that but the website can.” It would have been nice to at least hear, “I’ll pass that along to our app team so they can consider it for future upgrades.”

The JuiceBox is also reading voltage, currency, amperage … the app should allow for seeing the history and graphs for all those variables. Hopefully they’ll improve the app in the future.

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