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Four 2021 Tesla Model X factory 20 Wheels OEM Rims Used Gloss black finish

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Price: 995.00 USD

Tesla Part Info:

Four 2021 Tesla Model X factory 20 Wheels OEM Rims Used Gloss black finish

General Information

Condition: Light Surface Scratches

SCW#: TES-SCW-1122405

Wheel Information

Brand: Factory, OEM

Finish: Other

Size Front: 20×9.0 +35mm

Size Rear: 20×9.5 +40mm

OEM Part# Front: 102724400A

OEM Part# Rear: 102724500A


Center Caps: INCLUDED




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This is a used set of 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Tesla Model X factory 20×9 and 20×9.5 wheels with a gloss black finish. 2 wheels have partially touched up edges, light scuffs , as shown in the pictures. Caps included. No sensors. Also fits your 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Model S.

Inspection: All our wheels are visually inspected for structural integrity (no cracks), roundness and finish (using a balancer with run out measuring equipment). We only resell wheels that meet our safety standards.

Tires: We offer many brands of new tires, and have an extensive inventory of Take Off tires (less than 200 miles). We may also have used tires for a package deal.

TPMS: We offer a full line of aftermarket sensors, as well as factory sensors. Please note that sensor batteries are designed to last up to 5 years, and it is not uncommon for used sensors to be unuseable. That is why we advertise our used sensors as free when we cannot guarantee how old they are.

Repairs: We only repair wheels that have minimal runout on the inside lips only. We do not hide repairs by refinishing or chroming. All repairs are disclosed. We do not repair more than one patch per tire and disclose that as well.

Accessories: We offer all lug nuts and locks, please email your vehicle year and model, and finish requested for a quote.

Trade Ins: If you are local, we take trade-ins (after inspection at our shop in Anaheim CA). If you are out of state, freight charges usually do not make it worth it to send your wheels to us for a trade in.

Paypal is our preferred method of payment. Local pick up is welcome and cash, credit cards with proper documentation, or paypal at time of pick up is accepted.

We ship via UPS or FedEx to include insurance and $10 packaging fee. We will insure each wheel for 25% of the sales price as that is all UPS or FedEx will cover if there is a loss. We will be responsible for the insured amount PER WHEEL ONLY as we cannot purchase single wheels or tires at these prices.

All wheels and tires are sold as is, with no warranty. Customer takes on all liability for installation, fitment. Recommendations are just that, and wheels and tires should be installed by a professional to insure proper fitment. Check your air pressure and balancing on all items prior to installation as air pressure often changes from car to car and whether air was let out for lighter shipping weights.

We have been in business for over 24 years and we pride ourselves in being honest and fair. We invite you to check our feedback. check our feedback.

“Take-off” Facts

Are your wheels perfect? The answer is that no take-offs are ever perfect. Take-offs are “new” wheels and tires that are removed when a dealer or customer upgrades his car to aftermarket wheels. Most vehicles stay on dealer lots for months before being sold; therefore, are washed two to three times a week, leaving water spots and/or scratches from cleaning rags. As take-offs go, if you can’t see it in a picture, it is considered perfect, just as you would not see imperfections when looking at your wheels from three feet away. Other scratches to wheels come from dealer personnel removing the wheels, and leaving the caps upside down on the ground before putting them in a bag with the lug nuts, or removing wheel weights to dismount the tires when removing the sensors. Stacking wheels and tires face up also creates a potential for scratches when the top wheel is put in a vertical position to show a potential customer, the tires having picked up dust and dirt. Used wheels are always sold with “light dings and scratches” mentioned in the ad for the same reason, but amplified by months of use. We do our best to highlight small visible damage, but surface nicks and scratches are normal when buying used items. Please keep in mind, we buy all these items “as is” from dealerships and wheel stores, and unfortunately pass along the imperfections created along the way to the end buyer. As evidenced by our feedback, we do all in our power to describe and photograph all items as best we can, and ask for a chance to solve any problem that might have slipped through our quality control inspection, prior to leaving feedback. Thank you for your business, please send us your referrals!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or email through the ebay system. Contact Us

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