Coverking Autobody Armor Tailored Car Cover for Chevy Bolt EV – Made to Order

Coverking Autobody Armor Tailored Car Cover for Chevy Bolt EV – Made to Order

Chevy Bolt EV
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Price: 399.99 USD

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Coverking Autobody Armor Tailored Car Cover for Chevy Bolt EV – Made to Order


Coverking Autobody Armor Tailored Car Cover for <a href="" data-internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c="41" title="For Chevy Bolt EV 2017 2018 2019 Passenger Side Bumper Support Bracket | Front">Chevy Bolt EV</a> – Made to Order

Coverking Autobody Armor Tailored Car Cover for Chevy Bolt EV – Made to Order

Note:  This listing is for a custom tailored car cover for the model in the description.  Pictures are only for reference.


When looking for the ultimate Outdoor or Indoor protection for your vehicle, give Autodoby Armor material a look!

Autobody Armor combines the sleek of Satin Stretch fit with the protection of Silverguard.

  • Highest water resistance and breathability
  • Three layers of material for maximum protection
  • Outer layer of woven polyester for maximum protection
  • Durable inner polyurethane layer for maximum water resistance
  • Soft inner lining to protect the finish of your Vehicle
  • Highest level of UV protection and water resistance
  • Custom-fit styling to the exact specifications of your Vehicle
  • Special neoprene elastic tensioners in front and rear to hold the cover firmly in place
  • Includes covered grommets for use with optional cable and lock kit (cable/lock kit is $15 extra)
  • Mirror and antenna pockets included where applicable (contact us with any question)
  • Manufactured using Coverking’s unique double-stitching and waxed thread technique to virtually eliminate leaks
  • 5 Year Warranty from Coverking

This custom cover will fit your Vehicle like a glove!

Estimated Production Time is 2-3 weeks, but this may vary depending on actual conditons at factory.  Contact for more recent details on production times.

Why choosing a Coverking Car Cover?

Coverking designs its own fabrics and works with the world’s leading
textile mills to handle manufacturing. With quality assurance teams
dedicated to check every batch of fabric, Coverking ensures that the
material used in our products meet the most stringent assessments. We
check to see if our material is breathable, allowing for the proper
release of moisture. We exposed our fabrics to intense UV rays to make
sure our fabrics do not fade over time. We go through a series of stress
test to make sure the materials hold up for everyday conditions. Above
all, our covers are checked before reaching our customer to ensure

Our covers are designed using as few seams as possible. We believe that
extra seams only increase the chance of leakage and failure. By
eliminating seams, our covers have the best fit all around without
compromising quality. Coverking custom car covers are specially designed
and constructed using the latest double needle sewing techniques to
ensure fine craftsmanship. The construction of fabric uses a technique
to overlap seems in order to maintain durability, and avoid leakage. All
covers have a backup stitch sewn in for extra support. All of our
outdoor custom car covers are sewn with heavy, wax coated thread to
ensure water resistance.

Car Cover Use Notices

  • Don’t install car covers on newly painted vehicles.
  • Convertible tops, windows, sun and moon roofs must be closed completely before covering your vehicle.
  • Do not use a cover while the vehicle is in motion.
  • In
    cold environments, do not remove the cover in the unusual circumstance
    that a layer of ice has formed between the cover and the vehicle. Pour
    warm water over the cover to expedite thawing, as this ice must be
    thawed before removal.
  • Do not rely solely on the elasticized
    bottom of the cover in even moderate winds. Utilize the integrated
    security grommets in any substantial wind. If high wind conditions are
    present (30+mph), the covers should not be used.
  • Do not cover a vehicle that has been wrapped.
  • For vehicles in storage under a cover for long periods of time, check the status of the car every 3 weeks.

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