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BONOSS Solid 6061 T6 Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 5×114.3 CB64.1 2PC 20mm

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Price: 114.99 USD

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BONOSS Solid 6061 T6 Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3 5×114.3 CB64.1 2PC 20mm


Solid Energetic Cooling AL 6061 T6 Wheel Spacers for Tesla

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Indispensable Notes:

Please leave us a expose with your automobile model and year data whenever you sold it ,so that we are able to send you the merchandise valid now!!!Thx!!

1. The price is for a Pair (2 pcs) Tesla Model 3 wheel spacer, alongside with the considerable capabilities(Bolts/Lug Nuts, etc). For a wiser trying journey, it is wanted to measure the gap and be sure thickness sooner than shopping. Our superior buyer service will make it more uncomplicated to resolve any ask.

2. This share is compatible with the 2018+ Tesla Model 3 RWD AWD Long-established Vary(SR)/Long-established Vary Plus(SR+)/Mid Vary(MR)/Prolonged Vary(LR) and Performance model. To substantiate that this share fits your automobile, please related your automobile, invent, and year.

3. If the thickness of the wheel spacer is smaller than the dimension of the customary studs, the perimeters used must enable for tiny hockets within the mounting ground of the rim. If the utilization of rims without ample hockets, the stock studs would possibly simply quiet be shortened so that they enact now no longer lengthen previous the thickness of the spacer.

Wheel Spacer Specification:

Wheel Plod Sample(PCD) 5×114.3/5×4.5”
Hub Bore (Middle Bore) 64.1
Thread Pitch M14x1.5
Thickness 20mm
Match for Tesla with 5×114.3 sample
Affords Solid Aluminum Alloy 60601 T6


  • Global Pioneer Energetic Cooling Methodology, Safer

  • Solid AL6061-T6 with Tensile Energy ≥ 310 Mpa, Safer

  • ISO Grade 10 Nuts with BONOSS Engraved, Energy ≥ 1110 Mpa, Safer

  • ISO Grade 12.9 Studs with BONOSS Engraved, Energy ≥ 1220 Mpa, Safer

  • Customized Splendid in 1-3 Days, OEM/ODM On hand, Extra Expert

  • Over 66 SGS TÜV Take a look at Experiences Certificated, Extra Expert

  • Effort-free 10 Years Warranty, Generous Customer Provider


1. What’s the guidelines of my Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

The guidelines of Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers is Plod Sample (PCD):5×114.3, Middle Bore (CB): 64.1, Thread: M14x1.5. So long as the vehicles fraction the related trudge sample, middle bore diameter, and thread dimension as Tesla Model 3 SR/Model 3 SR+/Model 3 MR/Model 3 LR/Performance/Dual-motor, These things can additionally be used as Tesla Model Y wheel spacers

2. Are these wheel spacers appropriate to Tesla Model 3 Performance model?

Sure, these wheel spacers additionally fit the Tesla Model 3 Performance model. In line with most stylish journey, the customary Tesla Model 3 Performance hub axle head has an further middle lip, please feel free to steal it, BONOSS has designed the total Tesla Model 3(alongside with Model 3 SR/Model 3 SR+/Model 3 MR/Model 3 LR) wheel spacers to accommodate this further lip. Moreover, the performance model has a tiny protruding screw on the customary hub axle rotor. Would possibly possibly well well possess to you are installing 15mm Tesla Model 3 Performance wheel spacer, you may well grab away this screw. The screw is barely there to relief the rotor on all the procedure via assembly. After the brake calipers are installed the screw has no aim. If your automobile is a 2020+ Model 3 performance with manufacturing facility wheels, you would also simply must shorten the manufacturing facility studs slightly whenever you install the 15mm wheel spacers, in consequence of the customary wheel assist doesn’t possess deep ample cavities to accommodate the protruding manufacturing facility studs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more tiny print if wished.

3. Why would possibly simply quiet I earn BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

Since 2007, BONOSS has been dedicated to producing excessive-quality, excessive-security, and excessive-stability automobile wheel instruments (wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel nuts, etc.). We hearken to the safety and quality of Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers and quite so much of instruments. BONOSS has over 10 years of legit create and manufacturing journey, depended on by more OEM brands and professionals. We have got ample inventory to be clear sooner provide, and customise Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers only in 3 days. Expert pre-sales session will resolve your confusion, please feel free to contact us, after-sales guarantee for 10 years will likely be more rest assured. BONOSS wheel spacers provide greater performance, more extra capabilities, instant custom-made service, and superior service while affirming a more competitive ticket, which is your only desire.

4. Is it honest to put in BONOSS Tesla model 3 wheel spacers?

By installing Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers, you would procure a noteworthy wider wheel observe and possess a smaller turning roll, which brings you a derive utilizing journey, additionally bettering greater turning performance, and safer handling. Meanwhile, install the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers can invent your wheels flush with the fender, which is more aggressive and highly efficient in look. For those Model 3 owners who change the wheels or brakes, there would possibly presumably be a venture of fallacious offset or brakes scratching the wheels, which would possibly simply aim unhealthy utilizing. Putting in Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers can resolve these issues neatly. Moreover, install BONOSS world’s first patented “energetic cooling” wheel spacers can give a boost to braking efficiency, within the bargain of thermal exhaustion of the braking diagram, and assist the brakes at phenomenal temperature to be clear utilizing security.

5. How does the “energetic cooling” aim works on my Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

As a legit wheel spacers manufacturer, BONOSS has created the sector’s first “energetic cooling” technology based utterly on years of journey, breaking the long-duration of time single aim of the wheel spacers. Via the rotation of the wheel spacers, the exterior cool airflow takes away the inner heat via the energetic cooling grooves, in convey to kind the aim of energetic cooling, give a boost to the braking efficiency and within the bargain of the threat of utilizing security. Putting in BONOSS forged energetic cooling wheel spacers on Tesla Model3 can give a boost to braking efficiency, retain the brakes at phenomenal temperature, and be clear your utilizing security. The production ticket of BONOSS “energetic cooling” technology is quite the related as that of historically designed wheel spacers. You don’t must pay further, that’s why we’re saying that BONOSS forged energetic cooling wheel spacers are particularly ticket-superior. BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers provide more extra capabilities, greater security, greater performance, more legit create, and greater installation journey.

6. Are Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers derive?

Sure. wheel spacers are upright the auto instruments installed between the assembly hub and wheel, the wheel lugs observe a clamping power to derive the spacer and wheel to the auto hub. Merely like wheels, tires, and brake programs, so long as you exhaust excessive-quality Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers and install them effectively, they are derive. BONOSS is continually focused on security. Defend close the 5×114.3 wheel spacers shall we embrace, we exhaust forged AL6061-T6 field topic (tensile power ≥310Mpa), stylish CNC machining by 0.02mm tolerance, the multi-stage hub centric create fits the wheel hub greater. Meanwhile, the matching wheel studs adhere to ISO phenomenal grade 12.9, and ISO phenomenal grade 10 lug nuts, all of our merchandise possess purchased more than 50 SGS TUV authoritative test reports. In contrast with those low ticket casting wheel spacers, BONOSS forged energetic cooling wheel spacers are safer, greater performance, and more legit in create. We have more legit production provides more price for purchasers.

7. Why enact I prefer Tesla Model 3 hub centric wheel spacers? What’s the incompatibility between BONOSS multi-stage hub centric wheel spacers and others hub centric?

Tesla Model 3 hub centric wheel spacers provide a wiser diagram of toughen and stability. They are designed to invent a relaxed connection between the wheel and automobile hub, lowering the excessive-journey vibration and guaranteeing safer utilizing. In contrast with a phenomenal hub centric. BONOSS uses the multi-stage hub centric create, which procedure that multi-stage hub-centric can invent the spacers more closely tremendous to the wheel hub, severely within the bargain of the vibration of excessive-journey prompted by the incorrect hub centric. Besides, they may be able to additionally be used to change the center diameter of your automobile, making it doubtless to put in wheels with quite so much of middle diameters to your automobile effectively, reworking lug centric wheels into hub centric wheels. For tiny print, please verify

8. What are BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers made of?

BONOSS manufacturers design Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers are made of excessive-grade forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which facets many desirable properties similar to excessive power, place on-resistance, very fair appropriate toughness, impact resistance, and excessive-temperature resistance. This metal performs honest mechanical properties: Tensile Energy≥310Mpa, Yield Energy≥275Mpa, and Failure Elongation≈10%, when in contrast with phenomenal 6061 supplies, the tensile power is ready three events greater, and the yield power is ready 5 events greater. Precision CNC machining with 0.02mm to be clear your security. BONOSS insists on producing legit forged wheel spacers, which are safer, more legit, and more apt than low ticket casting opponents.

9. What’s the topic topic of the matching studs and nuts on Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers? What’s the special meaning of BONOSS engraved on the wheel studs?

The matching wheel studs on the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers are made of forged SCM440 alloy metal, which facets honest ductility and excessive-temperature stress resistance, structural stability, with fewer inferior factors and fewer ground defects. They’ve achieved ISO phenomenal grade 12.9, tensile power≥1,220Mpa, final tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395, NSS≥500H… The matching lug nuts applied 40Cr field topic, which adheres to the ISO phenomenal grade 10, proof load≥1110Mpa, hardness (HV)≥349… They are solid ample to exhaust in day-to-day utilizing, even racing, off-street, and quite so much of scenes. Every of the matching wheel studs or wheel nuts has a uncommon BONOSS engraved, which proves that the source of the merchandise would possibly simply additionally be traced. In contrast with others, BONOSS has a legit manufacturing facility to be clear the quality of each share on Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers, they may be able to without issues possess a total bunch of intense impacts. Safer and greater than those low ticket casting opponents.

10. Can I customise Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers only in 3 days?

If truth be told. BONOSS owns an self ample OEM manufacturing facility, so that custom wheel spacers would possibly simply additionally be done only in 1-3 days. OEM/ODM is on hand. Would possibly possibly well well possess to you’re trying for an peculiar thickness or trudge sample conversion to suit custom wheels that won’t work with phenomenal wheel spacers, stumble on no extra than BONOSS custom-made wheel spacers for your Tesla Model 3. BONOSS provides non-phenomenal thickness custom-made service, no lower than 0.1″ (3mm) thick, a maximum of 6.4” (160mm) thick are on hand. There are a mammoth amount alternatives with our custom-made PCD conversion wheel adapters, etc. 5×114.3 to 5×112 adapters, 5×100 to 5×114.3 adapters, 6 lug to 5 lug adapters, 5×120 to 5×114.3 adapters, and CB conversion, similar to 66.5mm to 72.5mm. And thread sizes, thicknesses, and trudge patterns are custom-made to your right ask on wheel adapters

11. What are the advantages of the knurling create on my Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

The knurling create can make stronger the aesthetics of the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers by introducing a blinding sample to the facet ground. Moreover to aesthetics, there are real looking facets. Knurling patterns can lengthen the facet condominium so that it is going to contact more air, boost the warmth dissipation raise out, and within the bargain of the inner stress prompted by machining. That procedure bettering the performance, power, and durability of the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers. BONOSS targets to produce wheel spacers with more extra capabilities, safer, greater performance, more legit create, and greater installing journey, that’s the reason we declare on self ample manufacturing and right optimization of the create.

12. How enact Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers possess an designate on handling?

Wheel spacers are installed between the hub and the wheel by pushing your wheels extra away from the chassis, widening the observe. A noteworthy wider observe procedure greater traction, permits you safer turning. And most observe racing vehicles would invent exhaust of each millimeter of the wheel-wells condominium on hand of their create for the most reasonable doubtless performance and the one exteriors. With Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers on, you are going to be ready to hold the gap for your fenders and procure a more aggressive and highly efficient stumble on. Meanwhile, 0.02mm tolerance, more supreme fit to the wheel hub, which procedure lowering excessive-journey vibration, providing a smoother utilizing journey.

13. What enact wheel spacers enact for vast-physique kits/aero kits?

On the total, widebody builds consist of the upgrades of greater-dimension wheels and greater brake kits. Wheel spacers mean you are going to be ready so that you can add greater wheels. You would possibly presumably presumably also additionally add greater brake kits, which is a apt security upgrade particularly must you intend to grab your widebody automobile onto a observe. Putting in wheel spacers on Tesla Model 3 is one of one of the best and most ticket-efficient alternatives to procure low and vast as neatly as to procure flush the fender flares. Successfully stuffed wheel arches can for sure invent your widebody builds stumble on very fair appropriate. These things aim as Novitec Carbon Fiber wheel spacers, VR Carbon Fiber wheel spacers, Vorsteiner Volta wheel spacers, etc. And for security and quality, shopping from a legit manufacturer is trustable. BONOSS provides 15mm-110mm thickness wheel spacers to fulfill your wants. BONOSS insists on manufacturing safer and more legit wheel spacers, which is a honest desire for your very fair appropriate widebody kits.

14.Easy programs to put in BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

The wheel spacer installation is a very easy job for you. Hopefully, the instructions below would possibly assist those of you wanting to put in wheel spacers yourself. Would possibly possibly well well possess to you do no longer know programs to put in it ,please contact us.


1. Which explicit will bring BONOSS Wheel Spacers? How noteworthy does the shipping ticket? Does it consist of import tax?
After placing the convey, BONOSS’s shipping division will give priority to earn FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, or quite so much of explicit provide for you,
after which bring your spacers as soon as doubtless. The shipping ticket calculation is predicated utterly on the shipping weight and quantity and doesn’t alongside with import tax.
Also, the special service prices in a ways away areas are now no longer included nonetheless will likely be charged in rare cases. If this occurs, we are able to contact you upfront.

2. How soon will my wheel spacers ship?
On the total, original Wheel spacers are ship within 24-72 hours, and the custom-made spacers are ship in about 3 days (some special custom orders or models would possibly simply grab longer).
Once your spacers are shipped, we are able to provide you the tracking number in eBay. Please listen that must you would also simply possess now no longer obtained the tracking number or possess quite so much of questions,
please contact our superior buyer service group.

3. How soon can my spacers near?
The identical old time is 3-7days, nonetheless would possibly presumably be plagued by aviation, weather, politics, customs clearance, or quite so much of things. But don’t fear,
in consequence of it normally doesn’t grab long, and we are able to possess a examine up the total direction of so that your wheel spacers can near sooner.

Thank you for deciding on BONOSS Wheel Spacers. In convey to produce you with a more useful, instant, and derive fee procedure,
BONOSS selects many of the typical international shopping and selling programs. If none of the funds below is upright for you, please contact us for the acknowledge.
Up to now, BONOSS fully supports the next funds:

  1. Imply PayPal.
  2. Payoneer

Imagine: Please be clear the Billing tiny print and Shipping address are exclusively upright, and welcome to Contact Us must you would also simply possess any questions.

We sincerely hope that our merchandise bring a honest journey and happiness to your lifestyles.
The return will bring right hobby losses to every quite so much of, we enact now no longer suggest this, nonetheless we fully appreciate your appropriate to reach assist.
We conform to a 100% refund for the product when the next prerequisites are met, nonetheless you may well possess the following freight and taxes.

  1. Within 30 calendar days.
  2. The product has now no longer been used, the equipment is total, and the product will no longer possess an designate on the second exhaust.
  3. Customized merchandise enact now no longer toughen returns.

Would possibly possibly well well possess to you would also simply possess consulted our legit products and companies sooner than shopping, and the product is now no longer appropriate due to our causes, we are able to grab the responsibility of returning the product(s)

Thank you for deciding on BONOSS Wheel Spacers. BONOSS has been designing and manufacturing wheel spacers since 2007.
Expert production journey and intensely fair appropriate product quality invent us confident to produce a Correctly-organized Prolonged Warranty Provider up to 10 years that a ways exceeds the duration of most brands.

BONOSS guarantees that if there’s any quality difficulty with the product within 10 years, we are able to provide guarantee service.

BONOSS is a excessive-discontinuance tag established by Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Ingredients Co., Shrimp, based utterly on the customary BLOXSPORT tag with greater performance as the long-established.

Based mostly in 2007, Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Ingredients Co., Shrimp. is a firm specializing in R&D, production and sales of forged wheel hub Spacer, bolts and nuts.

Because the firm became founded, we declare within the realizing of security first and strictly power of thoughts. We believed that every wheel spacer, trudge or nut carries the integrity and happiness of a household.
As a result of this reality, we declare on strictly complying with ISO excessive standards from raw field topic selection to done product trying out,
and introduce self ample trying out by third-celebration authoritative organizations, similar to SGS and TUV to be clear every product can raise a derive mission.

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