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BONOSS 2pc 20mm Solid AL6061 T6 Hubcentric Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3

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Price: 114.99 USD

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BONOSS 2pc 20mm Solid AL6061 T6 Hubcentric Wheel Spacers for Tesla Model 3


Solid Interesting Cooling AL 6061 T6 Wheel Spacers for Tesla

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Indispensable Notes:

Please leave us a show hide with your car mannequin and year records whenever you occur to supplied it ,so that we are in a position to send you the article immediately!!!Thx!!

1. The value is for a Pair (2 pcs) Tesla Model 3 wheel spacer, alongside with the needed functions(Bolts/Lug Nuts, and many others). For a greater taking a gape experience, it is extreme to measure the gap and guarantee thickness before buying. Our suited buyer service will will allow you to to treatment any request.

2. This portion is well fine with the 2018+ Tesla Model 3 RWD AWD Routine Vary(SR)/Routine Vary Plus(SR+)/Mid Vary(MR)/Lengthy Vary(LR) and Efficiency version. To substantiate that this portion suits your car, please hooked up your car, impress, and year.

3. If the thickness of the wheel spacer is smaller than the dimensions of the fresh studs, the perimeters extinct need to allow for dinky hockets within the mounting surface of the rim. If the usage of rims with out sufficient hockets, the stock studs ought to be shortened so that they attain no longer extend beyond the thickness of the spacer.

Wheel Spacer Specification:

Wheel Whisk Pattern(PCD) 5×114.3/5×4.5”
Hub Bore (Center Bore) 64.1
Thread Pitch M14x1.5
Thickness 20mm
Match for Tesla with 5×114.3 pattern
Materials Solid Aluminum Alloy 60601 T6


  • Global Pioneer Interesting Cooling Design, Safer

  • Solid AL6061-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 310 Mpa, Safer

  • ISO Grade 10 Nuts with BONOSS Engraved, Strength ≥ 1110 Mpa, Safer

  • ISO Grade 12.9 Studs with BONOSS Engraved, Strength ≥ 1220 Mpa, Safer

  • Customized Agreeable in 1-3 Days, OEM/ODM On hand, Extra Professional

  • Over 66 SGS TÜV Take a look at Experiences Certificated, Extra Professional

  • Disaster-free 10 Years Guarantee, Superior Buyer Service


1. What’s the records of my Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

The records of Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers is Whisk Pattern (PCD):5×114.3, Center Bore (CB): 64.1, Thread: M14x1.5. As long because the vehicles portion the equal inch pattern, center bore diameter, and thread measurement as Tesla Model 3 SR/Model 3 SR+/Model 3 MR/Model 3 LR/Efficiency/Twin-motor, These items also can simply also be extinct as Tesla Model Y wheel spacers

2. Are these wheel spacers acceptable to Tesla Model 3 Efficiency version?

Yes, these wheel spacers also fit the Tesla Model 3 Efficiency version. Per fresh experience, the fresh Tesla Model 3 Efficiency hub axle head has a further center lip, please be at liberty to take dangle of it, BONOSS has designed the entire Tesla Model 3(alongside with Model 3 SR/Model 3 SR+/Model 3 MR/Model 3 LR) wheel spacers to accommodate this extra lip. As well, the efficiency version has a dinky protruding screw on the fresh hub axle rotor. In the occasion you also can very well be placing in 15mm Tesla Model 3 Efficiency wheel spacer, it is possible you’ll possibly perhaps possibly possibly like to do away with this screw. The screw is barely there to take care of the rotor on all over meeting. After the brake calipers are do within the screw has no characteristic. In case your car is a 2020+ Model 3 efficiency with manufacturing facility wheels, you also can deserve to shorten the manufacturing facility studs a bit whenever you occur to set up the 15mm wheel spacers, since the fresh wheel abet doesn’t have deep sufficient cavities to accommodate the protruding manufacturing facility studs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for added dinky print if needed.

3. Why ought to I do away with BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

Since 2007, BONOSS has been dedicated to producing helpful fantastic, high-safety, and high-stability automobile wheel tools (wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel nuts, and many others.). We hearken to the safety and fantastic of Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers and varied tools. BONOSS has over 10 years of expert scheme and manufacturing experience, depended on by extra OEM brands and experts. We have got ample stock to make sure faster transport, and customize Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers only in 3 days. Professional pre-sales consultation will treatment your confusion, please be at liberty to contact us, after-sales warranty for 10 years will most doubtless be extra relaxation assured. BONOSS wheel spacers present greater efficiency, extra extra functions, like a flash personalized service, and suited service whereas sustaining a extra aggressive value, which is your simplest choice.

4. Is it correct to set up BONOSS Tesla mannequin 3 wheel spacers?

By placing in Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers, it is possible you’ll possibly perhaps possibly possibly earn a wider wheel be conscious and have a smaller turning roll, which brings you a stable driving experience, also bettering better turning efficiency, and safer handling. Meanwhile, set up the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers can impress your wheels flush with the fender, which is extra aggressive and worthy in look. For these Model 3 householders who trade the wheels or brakes, there will most doubtless be a wretchedness of unsuitable offset or brakes scratching the wheels, which also can simply reason awful driving. Installing Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers can treatment these problems well. As well, set up BONOSS world’s first patented “active cooling” wheel spacers can enhance braking effectivity, minimize thermal exhaustion of the braking machine, and take care of the brakes at usual temperature to make sure driving safety.

5. How does the “active cooling” characteristic works on my Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

As a talented wheel spacers manufacturer, BONOSS has created the world’s first “active cooling” expertise according to years of experience, breaking the long-timeframe single characteristic of the wheel spacers. By strategy of the rotation of the wheel spacers, the out of doorways frigid airflow takes away the inner warmth thru the active cooling grooves, so that you can create the explanation of active cooling, enhance the braking effectivity and minimize the wretchedness of driving safety. Installing BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers on Tesla Model3 can enhance braking effectivity, take care of the brakes at usual temperature, and make sure your driving safety. The manufacturing price of BONOSS “active cooling” expertise is nearly the equal as that of traditionally designed wheel spacers. You don’t deserve to pay extra, that’s why we bid that BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers are particularly value-suited. BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers present extra extra functions, greater safety, greater efficiency, extra expert scheme, and better installation experience.

6. Are Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers proper?

Yes. wheel spacers are honest the car tools do in between the meeting hub and wheel, the wheel lugs put collectively a clamping power to proper the spacer and wheel to the car hub. Merely esteem wheels, tires, and brake programs, so long as you utilize helpful fantastic Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers and set up them well, they are proper. BONOSS is commonly involved with safety. Steal the 5×114.3 wheel spacers let’s assume, we use forged AL6061-T6 topic topic (tensile energy ≥310Mpa), stylish CNC machining by 0.02mm tolerance, the multi-stage hub centric scheme suits the wheel hub better. Meanwhile, the matching wheel studs adhere to ISO usual grade 12.9, and ISO usual grade 10 lug nuts, all of our products have got extra than 50 SGS TUV authoritative take a look at reports. Compared with these cheap casting wheel spacers, BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers are safer, greater efficiency, and extra expert in scheme. We predict extra expert manufacturing gives extra value for prospects.

7. Why attain I need Tesla Model 3 hub centric wheel spacers? What’s the variation between BONOSS multi-stage hub centric wheel spacers and others hub centric?

Tesla Model 3 hub centric wheel spacers offer a greater machine of reinforce and stability. They’re designed to impress a relaxed connection between the wheel and car hub, lowering the high-poke vibration and ensuring safer driving. Compared with a typical hub centric. BONOSS uses the multi-stage hub centric scheme, which manner that multi-stage hub-centric can impress the spacers extra carefully fitted to the wheel hub, a very good deal minimize the vibration of high-poke resulted in by the inaccurate hub centric. Apart from, they will also simply also be extinct to trade the center diameter of your car, making it conceivable to set up wheels with varied center diameters to your car well, remodeling lug centric wheels into hub centric wheels. For dinky print, please evaluate

8. What are BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers made of?

BONOSS manufacturers invent Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers are made of high-grade forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which aspects many clean properties such as high energy, wear-resistance, very correct toughness, influence resistance, and high-temperature resistance. This steel performs correct mechanical properties: Tensile Strength≥310Mpa, Yield Strength≥275Mpa, and Failure Elongation≈10%, in contrast with recurring 6061 materials, the tensile energy is about three instances greater, and the yield energy is about 5 instances greater. Precision CNC machining with 0.02mm to make sure your safety. BONOSS insists on producing expert forged wheel spacers, that are safer, extra expert, and extra advisable than cheap casting opponents.

9. What’s the topic materials of the matching studs and nuts on Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers? What’s the particular which manner of BONOSS engraved on the wheel studs?

The matching wheel studs on the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers are made of forged SCM440 alloy steel, which aspects correct ductility and high-temperature stress resistance, structural stability, with fewer defective aspects and fewer surface defects. They’ve carried out ISO usual grade 12.9, tensile energy≥1,220Mpa, last tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395, NSS≥500H… The matching lug nuts applied 40Cr topic topic, which adheres to the ISO usual grade 10, proof load≥1110Mpa, hardness (HV)≥349… They’re stable sufficient to use in each day driving, even racing, off-freeway, and varied scenes. Every of the matching wheel studs or wheel nuts has a weird BONOSS engraved, which proves that the source of the products also can simply also be traced. Compared with others, BONOSS has a talented manufacturing facility to impress sure the fantastic of every portion on Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers, they might be able to with out danger endure a entire bunch of intense impacts. Safer and better than these cheap casting opponents.

10. Can I customize Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers only in 3 days?

Needless to claim. BONOSS owns an impartial OEM manufacturing facility, so that custom wheel spacers also can simply also be done only in 1-3 days. OEM/ODM is supplied. In the occasion you’re buying for a typical thickness or inch pattern conversion to suit custom wheels that won’t work with usual wheel spacers, gape no extra than BONOSS customized wheel spacers in your Tesla Model 3. BONOSS gives non-usual thickness personalized service, as a minimal 0.1″ (3mm) thick, a most of 6.4” (160mm) thick come in. There are a gigantic quantity alternate suggestions with our personalized PCD conversion wheel adapters, and many others. 5×114.3 to 5×112 adapters, 5×100 to 5×114.3 adapters, 6 lug to 5 lug adapters, 5×120 to 5×114.3 adapters, and CB conversion, such as 66.5mm to 72.5mm. And thread sizes, thicknesses, and inch patterns are personalized to your unswerving do a query to on wheel adapters

11. What are the advantages of the knurling scheme on my Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

The knurling scheme might perhaps possibly perhaps possibly make stronger the aesthetics of the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers by introducing an dazzling pattern to the aspect surface. As well to aesthetics, there are purposeful aspects. Knurling patterns can impress bigger the aspect narrate so that it might perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps possibly contact extra air, enhance the warmth dissipation attain, and minimize the inner stress resulted in by machining. That manner bettering the efficiency, energy, and sturdiness of the Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers. BONOSS objectives to present wheel spacers with extra extra functions, safer, greater efficiency, extra expert scheme, and better placing in experience, that is why we advise on impartial manufacturing and proper optimization of the scheme.

12. How attain Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers have an effect on handling?

Wheel spacers are do in between the hub and the wheel by pushing your wheels extra away from the chassis, widening the be conscious. A worthy broader be conscious manner better traction, lets in you additional stable turning. And most be conscious racing vehicles would impress use of every millimeter of the wheel-wells narrate available in their scheme for the very best efficiency and the supreme exteriors. With Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers on, you doubtlessly can absorb the gap in your fenders and earn a extra aggressive and worthy gape. Meanwhile, 0.02mm tolerance, extra expedient fit to the wheel hub, which manner lowering high-poke vibration, offering a smoother driving experience.

13. What attain wheel spacers attain for large-physique kits/aero kits?

In most cases, widebody builds include the upgrades of greater-measurement wheels and bigger brake kits. Wheel spacers indicate you doubtlessly can add greater wheels. You possibly also can additionally add greater brake kits, which is a gigantic safety enhance especially whenever you intend to take your widebody car onto a be conscious. Installing wheel spacers on Tesla Model 3 is considered among the finest and most price-fantastic alternate suggestions to earn low and huge as well to to earn flush the fender flares. Smartly filled wheel arches can in actuality impress your widebody builds gape very correct. These items characteristic as Novitec Carbon Fiber wheel spacers, VR Carbon Fiber wheel spacers, Vorsteiner Volta wheel spacers, and many others. And for safety and fantastic, buying from a talented manufacturer is trustable. BONOSS gives 15mm-110mm thickness wheel spacers to satisfy your desires. BONOSS insists on manufacturing safer and extra expert wheel spacers, which is an fantastic different in your very correct widebody kits.

14.The manner to set up BONOSS Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers?

The wheel spacer installation is a straight forward job for you. Confidently, the instructions below can help these of you piquant to set up wheel spacers yourself. In the occasion you do no longer know easy suggestions to set up it ,please contact us.


1. Which particular will inform BONOSS Wheel Spacers? How worthy does the shipping price? Does it include import tax?
After placing the sing, BONOSS’s shipping division will give priority to do away with FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, or varied particular transport for you,
after which inform your spacers as soon as conceivable. The shipping price calculation is according to the shipping weight and volume and doesn’t alongside with import tax.
Also, the particular service bills in remote areas are no longer included however will most doubtless be charged in rare cases. If this occurs, we are in a position to contact you prematurely.

2. How soon will my wheel spacers ship?
In most cases, contemporary Wheel spacers are ship within 24-72 hours, and the personalised spacers are ship in about 3 days (some particular custom orders or models also can simply take longer).
As soon as your spacers are shipped, we are in a position to present you the tracking number in eBay. Please listen that whenever you’ve no longer acquired the tracking number or have varied questions,
please contact our suited buyer service group.

3. How soon can my spacers attain?
The final time is 3-7days, however will most doubtless be littered with aviation, climate, politics, customs clearance, or varied components. Nonetheless don’t dread,
since it usually doesn’t take long, and we are in a position to put collectively up the entire direction of so that your wheel spacers can attain faster.

Thank you for selecting BONOSS Wheel Spacers. In sing to give you a extra helpful, like a flash, and proper price method,
BONOSS selects a form of the in vogue international trading suggestions. If none of the payments below is honest for you, please contact us for the solution.
To this point, BONOSS absolutely helps the next payments:

  1. Counsel PayPal.
  2. Payoneer

Gaze: Please impress sure the Billing dinky print and Shipping address are fully upright, and welcome to Contact Us whenever you’ve any questions.

We sincerely hope that our products inform an even experience and happiness to your existence.
The return will inform proper interest losses to every varied, we attain no longer recommend this, however we absolutely respect your upright to return.
We comply with a 100% refund for the product when the next stipulations are met, however it is possible you’ll possibly perhaps possibly possibly like to endure the resulting freight and taxes.

  1. Interior 30 calendar days.
  2. The product has no longer been extinct, the package is total, and the product will no longer have an effect on the second use.
  3. Customized products attain no longer reinforce returns.

In the occasion you’ve consulted our expert providers and products before buying, and the product is no longer acceptable attributable to our reasons, we are in a position to take the accountability of returning the product(s)

Thank you for selecting BONOSS Wheel Spacers. BONOSS has been designing and manufacturing wheel spacers since 2007.
Professional manufacturing experience and extremely correct product fantastic impress us assured to present a Mountainous Lengthy Guarantee Service up to 10 years that a long way exceeds the interval of most brands.

BONOSS guarantees that if there might perhaps be any fantastic wretchedness with the product within 10 years, we are in a position to present warranty service.

BONOSS is a high-pause value established by Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Parts Co., Restricted, according to the fresh BLOXSPORT value with greater efficiency because the usual.

Based in 2007, Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Parts Co., Restricted. is a company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of forged wheel hub Spacer, bolts and nuts.

For the explanation that company used to be founded, we advise within the precept of safety first and strictly energy of will. We believed that every wheel spacer, inch or nut carries the integrity and happiness of a family.
Therefore, we advise on strictly complying with ISO high requirements from raw topic topic different to done product attempting out,
and introduce impartial attempting out by third-occasion authoritative organizations, such as SGS and TUV to impress sure every product can elevate a proper mission.

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