Autel MaxiSys Ultra MS919 MS909 J2534 Progr/amming Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiSys Ultra MS919 MS909 J2534 Progr/amming Intelligent Diagnostic Tool

Audi Q4 E-Tron
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Autel MaxiSys Ultra MS919 MS909 J2534 Progr/amming Intelligent Diagnostic Tool


Autel MaxiSys Ultra MS919 MS909 Intelligent Diagnostic Scan with 5 in 1 VCMI

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Top Reason to choose Autel MaxiSys Ultra  (2022 Advanced Version, NO IP Limitation!!!)

2022 Most Popular Top Diagnostic Tool】 Autel MaxiSys Ultra scanner is an intelligent diagnostic tool that scans all available systems, pinpoints problems, and integrates multi-function diagnostics to serve more than 10,000 vehicle models worldwide, including Intelligent diagnosis, 5-in-1 Maxiflash VCMI(value $2000), advanced ~CU prog//ramming and online co/ding, 40+ service functions, 10+ High-end Function, Active Test, etc., greatly simplifying the diagnosis process to help you to win more time and business.

Intelligent Diagnostics, Repair Efficiency by 70%+】 Ultra features one-stop intelligent diagnostics, same as top models MS909/MS919, enabling dynamic Topology Module Mapping, Repair Assist to provide guided procedures with code prioritization, DTC analysis & fault code solutions, Relevant Cases for DTC troubleshooting, integrating OE-TSB, direct access to code-related manufacturer’s Technical Service Bulletins. Best investment for pro mechanics, technicians and repair workshops.

High-end Autel 5-in-1 VCMI, worth 2000 dollars】Top diagnostic tool MS Ultra is equipped with unmatched Maxiflash VCMI device, value at USD 2000+, which integrates 5 pro-level functions of VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester, frequently applied to diagnostics, component tests, signal detection, signal simulation, OBDII CAN Bus Check, etc. Besides, the multi-function VCMI extends more CAN BUS protocol (CAN FD/ DoIP) and diagnostic standard (DPDU/ RP1210) than other Autel VCI devices, greatly amplifying vehicle coverage and makings Ultra to peform OE-level diagnosis and prog//rammings.

40+Service functions & Bi-directional ControlAutel Ultra contains 40+ hot and special functions covering 98% cars, providing quick access to the vehicle systems for various scheduled reset and repair tasks, such as Oil/EPB/BMS/SAS/DPF, etc. As an OE-level diagnostic scanner, it can scan all available systems, and perform active test that can send commands to the ~CU to activate the actuators for directly monitoring their operation so as to help you pinpoint the faulty issue. Note: These functions is not universal on all vehicles, please send VIN to check compatibility.

Advanced ~CU prog//ramming& Online co/dingTop OBD2 diagnostic scanner MaxiSys Ultra supports advanced E~U prog//ramming for Benz/ BMW, with which enables downloading the latest version of computer software of the vehicle from Autel server to update ~CU and prog//ram a new ~CU. Online co/ding is able to code adaptive data for vehicle modules or change parameters after repairs, replacement,or retrofitting of vehicle parts. Also, it can unlock hidden functions or disable annoying settings to customize configuration.Note: ~CU prog//ramming is available for Benz/ BMW only, can’t prog//ram other brands. prog//ramming and co/ding is not universal, please send VIN to check before order.

2022 Newly Added Features & Newer Vehicle Coverage2022 Autel MaxiSys Ultra with newest software updates supports WIFI Printing, no need to work with the PC. Also, you can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with customers through QR Code/ email/ text message easily so that customers can view the reports anytime and anywhere. Autel top-end diagnostic scan tool MaxiSys Ultra not only supports more than 80 USA, EU, Asian cars, but also supports more high-end cars, super cars & new cars to 2021 and more 2022.

1 Year Warranty & 1 Year Free UpdateAutel MaxiSys Ultra has no IP restriction but it comes with English menu ONLY, so it can’t be changed into other languages. Autel Ultra comes with a 1-year warranty, 1-year free software update and lifetime professional technical support, which provide you superior services. You can still use current software normally even if 1 year free update period expires. Notice that all functions vary by vehicle models, please contact us and send message with VIN number to check vehicle and function compatibility before purchase.


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Product Description:

2022 Autel Top Intelligent Diagnostic Scan Tool MaxiSys Ultra 

Autel MaxiSys Ultra Overview

As the Autel most ambitious diagnostics tablet, MaxiSys Ultra is designed to maximize technician intelligence. It features with a 12.9-inch touchscreen tablet with Android 7.0 OS powered by an Octa-core processor (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), substantial 256GB built-in memory, all powering the new split-screen multi-application navigation to provide diagnostic guidance and test components to confirm repairs. Combined with the dynamic topology module mapping, enhanced AutoSCAN features and Intelligent Diagnostics options, the Ultra offers the technicians step-by-step repair guidance. The new MaxiFlash VCMI functions as a 4-channel oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester. The convenient docking station featured ensures you always have the power to scan. As the top-end diagnostic scanner in 2021, Autel MaxiSys Ultra is equipped with all funtions that you may need to be a professional mechanic:

Updated version of MK908P/MS908P/Elite/MS909/MS919;

One-stop Intelligent Diagnosis based on DTCs;

5-in-1 VCMI with functions of VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester;

Support D-PDU/SAE J2534/RP1210/DoIP/CAN FD protocols

Enhanced AutoScan &OE-level Topology Module Tree;

40+hot and special service for schedule maintenance;

Advanced ~CU prog//ramming & co/ding;

Split-screen multi-application navigation

10+ highly advanced functions: Active Test/Guided Functions/Personalization/Modification/ etc.;

Multiple repair guidance: Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), DTC Analysis, Repair Assist, Repair Tips, Component Measurement, and Relevant Cases;

Autel MaxiSys Ultra Flagship Features:

One-stop Intelligent Diagnostics, Smarter than Your Imagine

Intelligent Diagnostics provides smart shortcuts for technicians to get information directly related to the fault code, rather than that isn’t relevant, helping technicians repair detected faults efficiently, making repair work 200% easier than ever.

Vehicle System and Detected DTC: displays the name of the vehicle system(s) and the detected DTC(s)

Technical Service Bulletin (OEM Info): contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.

DTC Analysis: provides repair assistance information related to the fault code.

Repair Assist: intelligently prioritizes DTCs and leads the user to the proper repair.

Repair Tips: step by step guidance to efficiently to solve multiple faults

Component Measurement: ln-depth judgment of components combined with oscilloscopes, etc.

Relevant Case: offers relevant fault-clearing cases for reference.


Enhanced Auto Scan & Dynamic Topology Module Mapping

Automotive diagnostic scan tool Autel MS Ultra can automatically scan the entire vehicle to generate system topology diagrams, list the faults of each system module and perform fault judgement and location intuitively and systematically.

NOTE: Topology is not universal to all the vehicles, please check VIN for compatibility before you order!


Advanced 5-in-1 VCMI, Worth 2000 dollars

  • in-1 VCMI (Vehicle Communication and Measurement Interface) is used as an integrated device with multiple functions of VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester, helping MaxiSys Ultra realize pro-level functions, including diagnostics, component tests, signal detection, signal simulation, OBDII CAN Bus Check, etc.

Wireless VCI: the VCMI device supports three communication methods with the tablet: BT, Wi-Fi and USB, in which 5G Wi-Fi communication is up to 50m(164 feet), more stable and faster.

Oscilloscope: measures changing voltage of an electrical system over a period of time to show how a signal varies with time in a graphical way. Various signal activities can be displayed and monitored on a two-dimensional grid.

The frequently used test components: Ignition Systems, Actuators, Engine Starting, Battery Charging,Combination Test, Sensors,Data Communication, etc.

Multimeter: performs the multimeter-related functions, such as measuring voltage, current, resistance, frequency, diode, duty cycle, pulse width, continuity and period.

Waveform Generator: can simulate the signals of automotive electronic components, including simulating automotive sensor signals and actuator signals.

OBDII CAN Bus Check: can check the communication status of CAN Bus by signal detection. If the signals are detected, the indicator light flashes; if not, diaplay in gray. So you can check whether the control units in vehicle’s electronic control systems work properly or not with the indicator light.

Support D-PDU/SAE J2534/RP1210/DoIP/CAN FD protocols

D-PDU/SAE J2534/RP1210 diagnostic protocols enable Ultra to diagnose and prog//ram more passenger and commercial vehicles, such as Volvo, VW, Benz, etc.

DoIP/CAN FD protocols, which transmit data much faster than CAN, Ultra extends the diagnostic range for many new vehicle models, like GM(post-2019), Volvo(post-2018),Land Rover (Post-2017), Jaguar(post-2017), BWM(G/E Chassis), etc

Eg: It supports OE diagnostic tools for Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Toyota, GM, Honda, Nissan, BMW, BENZ, VW, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, etc.


Autel MaxiSys Ultra Key Features

Advanced ~CU prog//ramming and co/ding

The prog//ramming and co/ding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, which allows you to update the computer software of the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprog//ram adaptive data of certain components after making repairs or replacements. There are two general types of prog//ramming operations:

co/ding: also known as Teach-in prog//ram, or Component Adaptation, is used to reprog//ram adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts.

Reprog//ramming : downloads the latest version of software from the online server database through Internet access (this procedure is done automatically when the tablet is connected to the Internet, so there is no need to check for software updates yourself), and reprog//rams the newest version into the vehicle’s ~CU. Note: ~CU prog//ramming is available for Benz/ BMW only, can’t prog//ram other brands. prog//ramming and co/ding is not universal, please send VIN to check before order.

Note: Available prog//ramming or co/ding operations vary by test vehicle. Only the available operations display in the tablet menu. Please contact us to check the compatibility before purchase.

40+ Maintenance Functions Greatly Improve Work Efficiency

30 Commonly Used Reset Functions for Fast Maintenance or Repairs:

Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, ABS Bleed, TPMS, Airbag Reset, DPF Regeneration, IMMO Service, Injector co/ding, SAS Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Adaption, ABS/SRS, Gear Learning, Sunroof Initialization, Seats Calibration, Language Change, Headlight Matching, A/F Setting, WIN DR Roof, Odometer, CHG Tire Size, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Trans Adaption.

10+ Advanced Functions for Different Vehicle Models:

Neutral Gear Position Learning, Torque Sensor Adjustment, Signal Check, Yaw Rate Sensor (YRS) Learn, Clutch Pedal Position Learn, Cylinder Power Balance, Component Matching, Stop/Start Reset, Transport Mode, Auto-Door Lock, etc.

Oil Reset: Reset service mileage & service intervals after engine oil is changed.

EPB Reset: Reset brakes after disc or pad replacement and etc

BMS Management: Register the battery after replacement.

DPF Regeneration: Perform DPF Regeneration to clear the blockage through continuous burning of the particulate matter captured in the DPF filter and turn off DPF warning light.

SAS Calibration: Reset the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM

ABS/SRS Services: Perform various active/functional tests to check ABS and SRS (Airbag) systems like ABS Brake Bleeding, Pump Motor Test and checking Module Information and etc.

Injector co/ding: Write the new code to the ~CU after replacement of injector;

Note: Service functions is Not universal, if you worry that some certain function does not work on your car, please contact us and send VIN to check the compatibility.

Unmatched Hardware Configuration

Upgraded from Autel MS909/MS919, Ultra diagnostic tablet has unprecedented hardware configuration, equipped with 12.9-inch touchscreen, 2732×2048 resolution, Android 7.0 OS, Samsung Exynos 8895V octa-core Processor, 256G built-in memory, front/rear camera, 18000mAh super large capacity battery supporting 8h continuous work, greatly improving running speed and smooth experience.

Bi-directional Control/Active Test

perform active test that can send commands to the E//C/U to activate the actuators for directly monitoring their operation so as to help you pinpoint the faulty issue.

Note: Not work on all vehicles, please send VIN to check compatibility.

Guided Functions(VAG only)

When faced with some complicated functions, you don’t need to worry about how to operate it. The tablet will give you the detailed operation guide at the original factory level. Just follow the instructions on the screen to complete it, saving time and effort. Compatible with Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, etc.


Enable you to disable some annoying settings like the automatic Start-Stop, customize the daytime running lights, set the speed to show in the digital display below the speedometer, and so on.

Split-screen multi-application navigation

The unique design of MS Ultra is split screen display allow you to manage multiple applications at the same time, for example, you can fix a specific part of the engine while monitoring how it affects other parts.

Scan VIN/LICENCE via camera

Autel 2022 top scanner MS Ultra not only can auto detect your car VIN, perform function via manually input VIN, but also can use the front/rear camera to scan the VIN/ License of the cars to obtain the car info, which brings the technicians more convenient diagnostic experiences.

Docking Station Design

The tablet can be powered from an electrical outlet using the AC/DC power adapter or the docking station. The convenient docking station design ensures you always have the power to scan and keep the diagnostic process uninterrupted by low battery.

Dual WiFi for update and communication

Dual WiFi will meet your needs of vehicle communication and network access. The communication device Maxiflash VCI supports three connected methods with the tablet: USB, BT, and WiFi. You are free to choose what you want.


Things you might be concerned about

2022 Newest Updates

Instant WiFi Printing: Autel Maxisys Ultra with newest software updates supports to print out reports directly, no need to work with the PC, click the “Print” and you’ll get the report right away.

Cloud Report Management: You can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with customers through QR Code/ email/ text message easily, customers can view the reports anytime.

Online Software Updates

OBD2 diagnostic scanner Autel MaxiSys Ultra offers 12 months of free online software updates. After 12 months, users can continue to upgrade by paying annual fees, or can choose not to upgrade, can still use the installed software. If need any support, please send massage to us.



Operating System: Android 7.0

Processor: Samsung Exynos8895V octa-core Processor (2.3GHz+1.7GHz)

Memory: 4GB RAM & 256GB On-board Memory

Display: 12.9-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 2732 x 2048 resolution

Connectivity: WiFix2/BT/USB 2.0×3/HDMI/SD Card (Support up to 256GB)

Sensors: Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)

Audio Input/Output: Microphone/Dual Speakers /3.5 mm headset jack

Power and Battery:3.8 V/18000 mAh lithium-polymer battery (Charges via 12 VDC power supply)

Input Voltage: 12 V/3 A

Operating Temp.: 0 to 50°C(32 to 122°F)

Storage Temp.: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)

Dimensions (W x H x D): 366.5 mm (14.43”) x 280.9 mm (11.06”) x 34 mm (1.34”)

Weight: 2.18kg (4.81 lb.)

Protocols: DoIP, PLC J2497, ISO-15765, SAE-J1939, ISO-14229 UDS, SAE-J2411 Single Wire Can (GMLAN), ISO-11898-2, ISO-11898-3, SAE-J2819 (TP20), TP16, ISO-9141, ISO-14230, SAE-J2610 (Chrysler SCI), UART Echo Byte, SAE-J2809 (Honda Diag-H), SAE-J2740 (GM ALDL), SAE-J1567 (CCD BUS), Ford UBP, Nissan DDL UART with Clock, BMW DS2, BMW DS1, SAE J2819 (VAG KW81), KW82, SAE J1708, SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford SCP), SAE-J1850 VPW (GM Class2)


Packing List

Main Unit

MaxiFlash VCMI

Docking Station

Main Cable V2.0

USB 2.0 Cable V2

AC/DC Adapter(12V)

Cigarette Lighter

Light Fuse 6x30mm 2 PCS

Clipper Cable

Scope Test Lead 4 PCS

Multimeter Test Lead 2 PCS

Secondar Ignition Pickup 2 PCS

Attenuator 20:1 2 PCS

Breakout Lead 4×6 PCS

Multimeter Probe 1×2 PCS

Flexible Back-pinning Probe 2×2 PCS

Back-pinning Probe-Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Black 1×5 PCS

Back-pinning Probe Screw 2 PCS

Back-pinning Probe Replacement Needle 20 PCS

Small Crocodile Clip 2X2 PCS

Large Dolphin Clip 1X2 PCS

Quick Reference Guide

Packing List

Soft Cloth

Tool Box 177×102.5×23.5mm

Carrying Case 687x170x470mm



Autel MaxiSys MS919:

  • 🏆【Autel New Autel MaxiSys MS919】The 2022 Autel Scanner newly released version of Autel MaxiSys MS919 is a more cost-effective tablet scanner which has covered all of the features that MK908P, MS Elite and MS909 have equipped. It’s a diagnostic tool especially for pro mechs, auto repair chains since it has worldwide coverage for 99% of vehicles. The updated MS919 has emerged all of the features such as 5-in-1 VCMI, OEM Technical Service Bulletin, 10+ advanced functions, technical support.
  • 🏆【MS919 5-in-1 VCMI, Same as Autel Ultra】The MaxiFlash VCMI is a small but complete and reliable lower computer with powerful hardware extensions such as oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester. It also supports multiple transmission protocols simultaneously such as KPW, CAN, CAN-FD, DoIP, etc. Only two of Autel tablets support VCMI and the MS919 can save you 1000 bucks comparing with MS Ultra!
  • 🏆【Autel MS919 Intelligent Diagnostic & 38 Special Functions】As the most ambitious scanner developed by Autel, the MS919 is designed to diversify the knowledge pool of mechs, simplify the diagnostic process and bring out the potential of technicians. The newly added Repair Assist and TSB can consolidate and prioritize all detected fault codes. Also, it provides repair tips, videos, and related cases for your reference. The 36+ special functions can be the perfect solution for most of issues. Note: Service Functions are NOT universally compatible. Please send VIN number to us to check before order.  
  • 🏆【 prog//ramming and co/ding】Peaking of the KEY co/ding & pro//gramming, the first thing come to mind maybe is: These only can be done by pros. But now, you’re the pro! Thanks to the compatibility with many major protocols such as KPW, CAN, CAN-FD, DoIP, etc. Speaking of the CAN-FD, its transmission speed is 14 times faster than CAN. (Note: The CAN-FD only support post-2019 GM models)MS919 allows you to easily access deep into the CAR COMPUTER to find and solve problems. Note: prog//ramming ONLY for Benz/BMW at present.
  • 🏆【MS919 D-PDU, RP1210, J2534】To help you cope with more models that support different interface standards, we have pre-emptively followed in the footsteps of the times and have been compatible with D-PDU, J2534 (SAE J2534-1 & J2534-2), and RP1210 to help you conduct diagnostic and prog//ramming for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The MS919 not only supports the original software of Volvo and Land Rover, but also supports Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, and other 20 more VC vehicle models.
  • 🏆1 YEAR FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES + 1 YEARS WARRANTY + LIFTETIME TECH SUPPORTSAutel MaxiSYS MS919 Intelligent scanner tool comes with 12 Months Free Software Updates and is backed by 30 Days REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND, 12 Months free from defects after-sales services and lifetime tech supports.   

 100% Original, FREE Shipping from US, Accept Offer!!!

202Autel MaxiSys MS919 Intelligent Automotive Diagnostic Scanner, OE-TSB, Repair Assist, 5-in-1 VCMI, Topology, Bi-Directional, 36+ Services, Upgraded of MS909 

As the Autel 2022 Newest Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Tool, Autel MaxiSys MS919 combines Full systems diagnostics, 36+ maintenance services, 5-in-1 MaxiFlash VCMI, functions as a 4-channel oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester. Autel MaxiSys MS919 is empowered by Intelligent Diagnostics. It’s not only a diagnosis tool, but also tells you how to fix the malfunctions with detailed repair tips. With OE-TSB, Repair Assist, DTC analysis, and preset repair guidance and case database, it will save your numerous time and energy, making the car repair easier and faster than ever!

Please Notes: Autel MS919’s default language is English & Spanish. MS919 has IP Restriction, it can only be used in North & South American. If used in other region, it will be locked.

Autel Scanner Maxisys MS919-2


Top Reasons to Choose Autel MaxiSys MS919:

1.  5-in-1 VCMI: integrated with 5 power functions: Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Multimeter, Can BUS tester, and VCI. It is a powerful tool to facilitate fast and complete diagnostic work.

2. 1-stop Intelligent Diagnosis: displays features such as OE Technical service bulletin (TSB), Repair Assist, DTC Analysis, repair guidance in one interface, making the repair work become handier for technicians. Advanced prog//ramming: for Benz and for BMW to improve vehicles performance.

3. 36+ Special Services: such as oil maintenance light reset, steering angle reset, injector co/ding, ABS bleeding, DPF regeneration…to meet all your maintenance needs.

4. 10+ High-End Functions: makes Autel MS919 more powerful. The functions include active test, guided functions, personalization functions, retrofitting, key fob prog//ramming, etc.

5. OE-level Topology Module Tree: with the color-coded module can present full-system diagnostic results.

6. Dual-Wi-Fi: makes the communication transmission speed faster, transmission more stable, and the anti-interference ability stronger.

7.  Auto-scan feature: allows technicians and mechanics to quickly diagnose and identify the car model by scanning the license plate, VIN, or barcode.

8. Cover Vehicles from 1996 to 2022: It supports protocols such as D-PDU, J2534, and RP1210, making it compatible with newly launched vehicles.

Autel MaxiSys MS919 Introduction:

【Supper Powerful Hardware, 2022 NEWEST】 

Autel MS919 as a Professional intelligent Diagnostic Tool is designed to maximize technician’s intelligence. It features a 10-inch touchscreen tablet with Android 7.0 OS powered by an Octa-core processor (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 128GB built-in memory, 5MP & 16MP front and rear cameras, 15000mAh battery(8 hours of continuous use). MaxiSys MS919 as the 2022 New Release model, updated version of MaxiSys MS919/ Elite/ MS908S PRO, MK908P, comes with the best newer vehicle coverage Autel has yet to offer, covering 95% of post 2019 vehicles. With a winning combination of solid hardware and software, Autel MaxiSys Ultra ensures you a smooth and efficient diagnostic experience.

Autel Maxisys ultra scanner-6



Autel MS919 Automotive Scanner Tool can perform various scheduled service and maintenance tasks including Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, ABS Brake Bleed, DPF, Injector, SAS, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Body Relearn, Window Door Sunroof and etc.  Compared with Autel MK908P/ Elite/ MS908S Pro, Autel MaxiSys MS919 Car Diagnostic scanner is empowered by Intelligent Diagnostics. It’s not only a diagnosis tool, but also tells you how to fix the malfunctions with detailed repair tips. With OE-TSB, Repair Assist, DTC analysis, and preset repair guidance and case database, it will save your numerous time and energy, making the car repair easier and faster than ever!

Support D-PDU/J2534/RP1210 OE-diagnostic protocols

Support CAN FD/DoIP Protocols: Speed up to 4.05Mbit, 14 times faster than CAN2.0A/B.

Large bandwidth, high sampling rate, big buffer memory

NOTE: The CAN FD/DoIP protocols are not universal to all the vehicles. The CAN FD protocol is mostly applicable for GM produced in the second half of 2019, and the DOIP protocol mainly supports Volvo after 2018, Land Rover/Jaguar after 2017, F chassis and G chassis BMW.

Car programming tool-5



Autel Maxisys MS919, professional car scan tool integrates System Topology Mapping technology. Compared with the old model Maxisys Elite/ MK908P/ MS908S Pro, Autel intelligent diagnostic scanner MS919 is able to display a CAN BUS tree with color coded modules in one page, which can present full system diagnostic results visually and make you work just to the point precisely. NOTE: Functions are not for all cars, Please send VIN to us to check compatibility before order.


【5-IN-1 MaxiFlash VCMI,VALUED $2000 】

Just like Autel Maxisys Ultra, MS919 comes with a same MaxiFlash VCMI connector, it’s integrated with 5 power functions: Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Multimeter, Can BUS tester and VCI. Not just an interface, but a powerful tool to facilitate fast and complete diagnostic work with faster transmission speed, more stable and better anti-interference. you can presume your work at the range of 164 feet / 50m via Bluetooth, yet diagnosis speed increased by over 80%.

OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner-3

【ADVANCED prog//ramMING & co/ding】 

Autel Scanner MS919 supports both advanced & prog//ramming features, which make this high-end automatic scanner stands out in the diagnostic tool market. Owning Autel MS919 is equivalent to enjoying the high-end functions of several OE diagnostic tools of different vehicle brands. MS919 supports prog//ramming on specific BMW and Benz vehicles just like OE scan tools. You can use it to re-flash the CAR COMPUTER modules after replacement, or use the KEY co/ding to unlock hidden functions and improve vehicle performance.

Note: prog//ramming & co/ding is not universal to all the cars, please check compatibility with us before you order.

Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool-4

【Active Test / Bi-directional Control】

Autel Maxisys MS919 intelligent diagnostic tablet comes with bi-directional control capability, you can test various systems or parts by reading the engine data, or by sending commands to actuators, such as solenoid tests, pump motor tests, relay, or switch to check the functionality.

Note: Active Tests are NOT universally compatible. Please send us VIN to check compatibility first.



【Directly Print Reports】 

Autel MS919 supports to print reports directly from any page, no need to connect to PC, click the “Print” from your MS919 and you’ll get the report right away. Autel MS919 also allows for uploading diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and sharing reports with customers through QR Code/ email/ text message easily, customers can view the reports at cellphone anytime.



Comparison of Ultra , MS919 and MS909:  



Autel MS919 Updates in 2022 Jan:

· GM: Adds CAR COMPUTER Information, Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, Active Test, and Special Function for 33 models in 2022 including Cadillac CT4, Buick Envision, and Chevrolet Blazer. Adds 5 hot special functions: Automatic Start/Stop, Transport Mode, A/C, Rain/Light Sensor, and EGR.

· Toyota: Adds basic functions for 41 models in 2021 (including Yaris, and 4Runner), and 9 models in 2022 (including Corolla, and Hilux). Adds 3 types of Service function: ACC, A/C, and HV Battery.

· VW: Adds diagnostic supports for models including ID.6 X 2021, ID.6 Crozz 2021, Audi Q4 e-tron 2022, and CP – Tarek 2021.Updates basic functions, and special functions (including Oil Reset, EPB, and Odometer), supporting models up to 2022. Adds 258 hot guided functions including Battery, Headlight Washer, and Transport Mode. Adds Topology for makes including VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat.

· JLR: Adds basic functions for 2022 PHEV models (Jaguar XE and Jaguar XF) and 2021 onward PHEV models (Discovery Sport and New Range Rover Evoque). Adds 35 special functions including Power Supply Service Mode Diagnostic, Purge Valve Self Test, Fuel System Leak Check (DMTL), and Fuel Tank – Smoke Test for 2017 onward models.

· Nissan: Adds basic functions for 23 models in 2021 (including Kicks, Versa, Infiniti) and 10 models in 2022 (including Armada, Pathfinder, and Frontier). Adds 1310 special functions for DTCs including P0440/P1440 – EVAP (small leakage), P1274 – Air-fuel ratio sensor 1, and P0134 – Heating Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) 1. Adds hot special function: HV Battery. Supports functions including Li-ion Battery Capacity Balancing, Clear Battery Gradual Capacity Loss, and Clear Batt Charge/Discharge Information Data.

· BMW: Optimizes basic functions, supporting models up to July 2021. Adds 7 hot special functions: Transport Mode, HV Battery, ACC, A/C, Rain/Light Sensor, EGR, and FRM Reset. Adds basic functions and special functions for models with 4 types of chassis including G22 and G82. Supports KEY prog//ramming version for models up to March 2021 with F/G chassis.



Autel MS919 Package includes:



Autel MaxiSYS MS909 Introduction:
  • 2022 Autel MaxiSys MS909 Scanner】Upgraded from MS908SP and MS Elite, the scanner MS909 upgrades its processor to a higher frequency, storage capacity to greater, battery life to longer, camera to clearer. Besides, high-end features such as intelligent diagnostics and topology are added, making MS909 the ideal scanner partner for technicians. Compared with MS919 and Ultra, MS909 is a more cost-effective choice for it has almost all the functions the other 2 scanners can perform with less spend.
  • Advanced prog//ramming & co/ding】This function of the scanner MS909 is applied to change parameters or parts, replace existing software/firmware in the Car computer, reprog//ram data of certain components after making repairs and replacements. Thanks to the VCI device, which is compliant with protocols D-PDU, SAE J2534 & RP1210, this scan tool can perform prog//ramming as OE scanners. If the flash update procedure quits, the Re-Flash Errors function will automatically repeat the procedure. Note: prog//ramming ONLY for Benz/BMW.
  • One-Stop intelligent Diagnostics】Autel scanner MS909 has new software specialist capabilities that help technicians repair work with less effort:√Repair Assist–leads the user to the proper repair. √DTC Analysis–provides repair assistance information. √Repair Tips–details the steps of determining and clear faults. √Component Measurement–provides detailed information on using an oscilloscope to test components for faults. √Relevant Cases–offers relevant repair cases for reference.
  • 36+Services & Active Test & Diagnostic Report】Autel MaxiSys scanner MS909 supports almost all reset services such as oil/EPB/TPMS/BMS/DPF/IMMO services, etc., greatly enhance its functionality. During an active test, the scanner sends commands to activate the actuators to identify the faulty issue by monitoring the operation of the actuators. After diagnostics, the report will be generated and the report can be reviewed, saved, and printed for further analysis. Note: Services are NOT for All cars brands, please kindly send VIN number to us first before order it. 
  • Enhanced Auto Scan & Topology】The Auto Scan will comprehensively scan all Car computer of the vehicles to locate system faults. Thanks to the exclusive System Topology Software, technicians can see a color-coded topology display for all vehicle systems relationship and their status on one page after the Auto Scan is finished and you can press on a system module to analyze the system faults. This function offers technicians great convenience with its agile operation design and easy to perceive display.
  • Powerful Configuration】The diagnostic tool MaxiSys MS909 features a 9.7-inch touchscreen tablet with Android 7.0 OS powered by an Octa-core processor (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 128GB built-in memory provides diagnostic guidance to confirm repairs. The scanner MS909 features the new MaxiFlash VCI provides faster dual Wi-Fi vehicle and network communications. This Autel scanner features front and rear cameras and a rechargeable Lithium battery providing 8 hours of continuous use. (ONLY English)
  • 1 Year Warranty & Free Update 】Autel MS909 comes with a 1-year warranty, 1-year free software update and lifetime professional technical support, which provide you superior services. Please notice that the scanner can only be used in the United States.


Autel MaxiSys MS909- Automotive Diagnostic & Maintenance Solutions (English Only)

Autel maxisys MS909

As an upgraded version of the Autel diagnostic scan tool MS908S and MaxiSys Elite, MS909 upgrades the processor frequency from 1.3GHz+1.7GHz to 2.3GHz + 1.76Ghz, extends the memory from 64GB to 128GB, improves the camera pixel from 8MP to 16MP rear and 5MP front, applies upgraded 7.0 Android operating system. Besides, Autel scanner MS909 adds an amount of fantastic and advanced functions such as Topology Mapping and Intelligent Diagnostics Functions such as Repair Assist, DTC Analysis, Repair Tips, Component Measurement and Relevant Cases to offer more brilliant maintenance, diagnostic and repair assistance for every mechanics and technicians.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Features: The Autel scanner MaxiSys MS909 equips multiple diagnostic functions such as Topology Mapping, Intelligent Diagnostics Functions, 36+ Special Functions (oil reset, brake reset, SAS reset, etc.), Whole-System Diagnostics for 80 vehicle brands, Online co/ding for BMW, Audi, VW, etc., Personalization for Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, etc., Online Pro-gra//mming to update existing software, Active Tests for deeper diagnostics…
  • Worldwide Vehicle Coverage: More than 80 manufacturers, 140 brands worldwide are supported. Each diagnostic function has been tailored according to the vehicle model so that you can face the automotive market demand with ease. Compatibility: it supplied with MaxiFlash VCI with Enhanced Protocol Compatibility, which supports D-PDU, RP1210, CANFD. J2534 and DoIP protocols. If you’re confused about the scanner compatibility, please message us.
  • Good Use Experience:10 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen for swift diagnosis and optimum viewing. The touchscreen is resistant to dirt and oil and the hard rubber surface is treated with high-quality carbon fiber, making the surface texture more refined.
  • User-Friendly Software Design to Facilitate Repairs: Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via the internet. Interactive Data Logging sessions enable direct contact with Autel Support for first-hand troubleshooting of diagnostic bugs and errors. One-stop multitasking designed for ideal management of workshop operations to keep all data files, customer info, and vehicle record well organize. Cloud-based Data Manager saves customer and vehicle records, scanner data, and technician notes.


Advanced prog//ramming & co/ding for Better Vehicles Performance

The co/ding and prog//ramming function of the scanner MS909 is used to code adaptive data of certain components after making repairs or replacements as well as update the computer software of the vehicle to the latest version. Available prog//ramming or co/ding operations vary by test vehicle. NOTE: prog//ramming ONLY for Benz/BMW. co/ding functions are NOT universally compatible. Please send VIN number and functions to check compatibility before you order!  

module topology

  • Auto Scan for Full System Diagnostics

The Auto Scan function performs a comprehensive scanning of all the systems in the vehicles. The systems include but are not limited to PCM, TCM, ABS, RCM, IPC, ACM, AHCM, APIM, BCMii, DDM, FCDIM, FCDIM, FCIM, FDSM, GPSM, HCM, HVAC, IPM-A, etc., and it displays according to specific vehicle brands and models.

  • Topology Mapping Makes the Diagnostic Results More Readable &Comprehensive

The systems diagnostics result scanned by the scanner will be displayed in topology module mapping, which shows a system distribution diagram of the vehicle control modules and the relationship between vehicle systems. You can enter any specific system to see more detailed diagnostic information. On the Topology screen, a system with identified faults will display in orange, making the diagnosis results are clear at a glance, which is convenient for mechanics to perform systematic and comprehensive diagnostics and analysis.

one-stop intelligent diagnostics

Intelligent Diagnostics – Your Specialist Diagnostic Helper

The Intelligent Diagnostic Functions integrated on Autel scan tool MS909 provide every professional mechanic with massive and substantial information of faults detected and offer you exhaustive and comprehensive repair assistance.

  • Tech Services Bulletins – see official announcements issued by vehicle manufacturers regarding common problems including vehicle modules, DTCs, repair methods, pro-gr/am updates, and recall strategies.
  • DTC Analysis – contain repair assistance and information related to the fault codes, including the fault description, condition, fault influence, possible cause, and possible solution. The repair assistance information varies vehicle.
  • Repair Assistant – display a list of recommended tests, the completion status, and priority for the undertaking. The higher the priority, the earlier the components should be tested. There are a location diagram and wiring diagram to help you to locate the components, connectors, wiring, and ground electrodes.
  • Repair Tips – display a range of diagnostic and repair steps, including the information needed in order to clear the faults. The repair steps are provided in text and video.
  • Component Measurement – direct technicians to an oscilloscope in one click. This section may include relevant waveforms and waveform analysis to aid the technician in diagnostics and repairs.
  • Relevant Cases – recommend repair processes that may be relevant to the vehicle and fault. These repair cases/suggestions provide the technician with great insight when diagnosing and repairing vehicle faults.




Wide Vehicle Coverage

MS909 diagnostic tool covers 80+ American, Asian, and European car brands and solves 98% of diagnostic problems. Updating is used to upgrade software, fix bugs, and add more vehicle models to optimize the MS909. We also provide you with 1-year free software updating. MS909 will be the top choice for professional mechanics, technicians, engineers, garages and repair shops, etc.


MaxiSYS MS909 Specifications:
*9.7’’ Touchscreen (1536 x 2048)
*Android 7.0
*2.3GHz + 1.7GHz Octa-core Processor / 256GB Memory
*Oscilloscope Preset Guided & Component Tests / Waveform Library (oscilliscope sold separately)
*MaxiFLASH VCI with new Protocols: D-PDU, DoIP/CAN FD, Mega CAN
*Topology Module Mapping: Color Coded All System Status Screen (on supported vehicles)
*Relevant Cases: DTC Troubleshooting / Repair Tips Video Library
*Repair Assist: Guided Procedures with DTC Analysis & Fault Code Solutions
*Code-Related Technical Service Bulletins (on select vehicles)
*License Plate Reader
*ScanVIN: Barcodes or Text Recognition with Camera
*Secure Gateway Access: Authorized FCA SGM Access with AutoAuth Account (sold separately)
*Includes Docking Station, Cables, Scope Connectors, Carrying Case
*Enhanced Diagnostic Reports: PreSCAN & PostSCAN
*15000mAh – 8hrs Continuous Use
*16MP Rear Camera & 5MP Front Camera
*1-year Warranty & Software Subscription

MaxiSYS MS909 Package Content:
1x MS909 Main Unit
1x MaxiFlash VCI
1x Main Cable V2.0
1x USB 2.0 Cable V2
1x AC/DC Adapter(12V)
1x Cigarette Lighter
2x Light Fuse 6x30mm
1x Clipper Cable
1x Quick Reference Guide
1x Packing List
1x Soft Cloth

1x Carrying Case 504 x 133 x 360 mm

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