4Pc 25mm 1″ 5×120 to 5×120 Wheel Spacers fits Tesla Model S X Aluminum 6061-T6

4Pc 25mm 1″ 5×120 to 5×120 Wheel Spacers fits Tesla Model S X Aluminum 6061-T6

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Price: 277.88 USD

Tesla Part Info:

4Pc 25mm 1″ 5×120 to 5×120 Wheel Spacers fits Tesla Model S X Aluminum 6061-T6





4 Spacers + 20 Lug Nuts

Spacer Fabric

Forged Aluminum 6061T6

Car Scamper Sample/PCD


Stud Fabric

SCM440 Alloy Steel

Wheel Scamper Sample/PCD


Stud Grade

ISO Grade 12.9

Wheel Spacer Thickness

25MM / 1″ spin

Lug Nut(Cone Seat)

40Cr Alloy ISO Grade 10

Spacer Heart Bore/CB




Stud/Lug Nut Thread

M14x1.5 / 14m*1.5

Lug Nut Head HEX



Reports of TUV/SGS

Torque Specs

140NM(103.5 Feet-tb)

  • Global Pioneer Crammed with life Cooling Methodology, Safer
  • Forged AL6061-T6 with Tensile Energy ≥ 310 Mpa, Safer
  • ISO Grade 10 Nuts with BONOSS Engraved, Energy ≥ 1110 Mpa, Safer
  • ISO Grade 12.9 Studs with BONOSS Engraved, Energy ≥ 1220 Mpa, Safer
  • Personalized Top likely in 1-3 Days, OEM/ODM Readily accessible, Extra Genuine
  • Over 66 Test Reports by SGS TÜV Certificated, Extra Genuine
  • Peril-free 10 Years Warranty, Worthwhile Customer Service

Critical Mark: Please ascertain these components sooner than buying.

This allotment is compatible with the 15-21 Honda Civic Kind R FK2 FK8,
Honda Ridgeline, Pilot, Odyssey, Tesla Model S/X, Acura MDX 2007+, 09-14 Acura TL SH-AWD and heaps others. To substantiate that this allotment fits your car, please related your car,
invent, and year.

For the next shopping skills, it’s a long way a need to want to measure the
fender gap and guarantee thickness sooner than procuring. Our pleasant
buyer carrier will inspire you to clear up any query.

BONOSS Wheel Spacers How to Measure Wheel Spacers for My Vehicle Wheel Spacers Fitment

3. If the thickness of the wheel spacer is smaller than the length of the distinctive studs, the perimeters veteran need to enable for small hockets
in the mounting ground of the rim. If utilizing rims with out adequate
hockets, the stock studs will believe to be shortened so that they originate not lengthen
previous the thickness of the spacer.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5 Lugs Wheel Adapters AL6061-T6 M
BONOSS-forged-active-cooling-wheel-spacer-Tesla Model 3-5x114.3-64.1-M14X1.5-by-lulu
AL6061-T6 BONOSS-forged-active-cooling-wheel-spacer-Tesla-Model-3-5x114.3-64.1-M14X1.5-by-lulu
BONOSS-forged-active-cooling-wheel-spacer-Tesla Model 3-5x114.3-64.1-M14X1.5-by-lulu
BONOSS-forged-active-cooling-wheel-spacer-5x114.3-M12X1.5-for Honda Civic-by-lulu-10

FAQ & Pointers

1. Are BONOSS Acrua/Honda/Tesla wheel spacers genuine?

wheel spacers are factual the car equipment installed between
the assembly hub and wheel, the wheel lugs put collectively a clamping power to
genuine the spacer and wheel to the car hub. Staunch love wheels,
tires, and brake programs, so long as you use high quality wheel spacers
and install them well, they are genuine. BONOSS is mostly concerned
about safety. Have interaction the 5×114.3 wheel spacers as an instance, we use
forged AL6061-T6 materials (tensile power ≥310Mpa), widespread CNC
machining by 0.02mm tolerance, the multi-stage hub centric kind fits
the wheel hub better. Within the meantime, the matching wheel studs adhere to ISO
accepted grade 12.9, and ISO accepted grade 10 lug nuts, all of our
merchandise believe bought extra than 50 SGS TUV authoritative take a look at reviews.
When compared with those cheap casting wheel spacers, BONOSS forged filled with life
cooling wheel spacers are safer, better performance, and extra
official in kind. We include extra official manufacturing supplies
extra effect for purchasers.

originate I need hub centric wheel spacers? What is the difference between
BONOSS multi-stage hub centric wheel spacers and others hub centric?

wheel spacers provide the next gadget of toughen and stability. They’re
designed to invent a cozy connection between the wheel and car hub,
cutting again the high-velocity vibration and guaranteeing safer utilizing. When compared
with an regular hub centric. BONOSS makes use of the multi-stage hub centric
kind, that method that multi-stage hub-centric can invent the spacers
extra closely excellent for the wheel hub, very a lot lower the vibration of
high-velocity caused by the inaccurate hub centric. Apart from, they would possibly per chance perhaps well per chance also also
be veteran to change the heart diameter of your car, making it doable
to put in wheels with diversified center diameters to your car
well, remodeling lug centric wheels into hub centric wheels.

What is the performance of the bolts and nuts veteran with BONOSS filled with life
cooling wheel spacer? Why is there a BONOSS engraved on it?

wheel studs of the wheel spacers produced by BONOSS are made of JIS
SCM440 steel. Wheel lug studs made of forged SCM440 alloy steel believe
many outstanding characteristics, reminiscent of high-power, place apart on
resistance, amazing toughness, and affect resistance. It also has the
advantages of acceptable ductility and high-temperature stress resistance,
structural stability, fewer sinful parts, and fewer ground defects.
It has reached ISO accepted grade 12.9, tensile power ≥1,220Mpa,
final tensile load ≥152,000N, hardness (HV) ≥395, NSS≥500H…The
matching nut is made of 40Cr materials, after high-power forging, in
line with ISO world standards Grade 10, proved that the load is
≥1110Mpa, the hardness (HV) is ≥349…they are adequate to kind out the
fierce racing competition. For same old utilizing, they are able to with out considerations stand as a lot as
thousands of solid shocks. BONOSS insists on producing official
forged wheel spacers and provides wheel spacer a long way better than the
substitute’s safety and official standards.

4. How does the “filled with life cooling” unbiased works on my wheel spacers?

a official wheel spacers manufacturer, BONOSS has created the
world’s first “filled with life cooling” skills in accordance with years of skills,
breaking the long-period of time single unbiased of the wheel spacers. Thru
the rotation of the wheel spacers, the external icy airflow takes away
the interior heat by the filled with life cooling grooves, in discuss in confidence to originate
the scheme of filled with life cooling, toughen the braking effectivity and
lower the likelihood of utilizing safety. Placing in BONOSS forged filled with life
cooling wheel spacers can toughen braking effectivity, believe the
brakes at same old temperature, and be sure that your utilizing safety. The
manufacturing effect of BONOSS “filled with life cooling” skills is nearly the
same as that of historically designed wheel spacers. You don’t desire to
pay extra, that’s the reason we mutter that BONOSS forged filled with life cooling wheel
spacers are notably effect-pleasant. BONOSS wheel spacers present
extra extra suggestions, better safety, better performance, extra
official kind, and better installation skills.

What are the advantages of the knurling kind on my wheel spacers?

knurling kind would possibly per chance perhaps well make stronger the aesthetics of the wheel spacers by
introducing a top-notch pattern to the side ground. To boot to to
aesthetics, there are purposeful suggestions. Knurling patterns can enlarge
the side situation so that it’s a long way going to contact extra air, boost the warmth
dissipation lift out, and lower the interior stress caused by machining.
That method bettering the performance, power, and durability of the
wheel spacers. BONOSS objectives to set apart wheel spacers with extra
extra suggestions, safer, better performance, extra official
kind, and better installing skills, that’s the reason we yell on
self reliant manufacturing and continuous optimization of the form.

How thick wheel spacers originate I need?

Right here
is a really easy manner: use a straight edge reminiscent of a metal ruler, situation
the straight edge on the outermost allotment of the perimeters the put the wheel
comes closest to the fender (ideally the tip), then, measure from
the commence air wheel to the straight edge. This distance is the scale
spacer you would possibly per chance per chance per chance well want to originate the hunt for that flushes or nearly flushes
with the fender line.

7. Can I customize the wheel spacer with diversified thicknesses and data? How quickly can it be customized?

has an self reliant kind customization division and customized
manufacturing line, so custom-sized wheel spacers is also performed within
3-10 days as quickly as doable. Provide OEM/ODM. Commonly veteran 1-spin
wheel spacers shares are adequate, in expose for you wheel spacers with
irregular thickness or torque, to put in wheels with diversified data.
BONOSS customized wheel spacer shall be your simplest different. BONOSS provides
customized products and services of unconventional thickness, the thinnest thickness
is 0.1 inches (3 mm), the thickest thickness is 6.4 inches (160 mm).

8.Why BONOSS opt SGS and TUV to envision the standard of the product?

and TÜV Rheinland because the world’s illustrious sorting out carrier corporations,
standing for safety and quality. To designate customers’ belief, which can per chance well be
our confidence in product quality. BONOSS has entirely disregarded 66 ISO
accepted SGS, TÜV authoritative assessments, and all performed amazing
scores.BONOSS forged grade 12.9 extended wheel bolts believe passed the SGS
2,000,000 events minute lifestyles differ take a look at with out harm, tensile
power≥1,282Mpa, final tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395,
NSS≥500H… By these authoritative take a look at reviews, BONOSS in actuality achieves the
quality and professionalism expressed in the form of data and in actuality
guarantees safety. We include high accepted quality management, collectively
with authoritative certification reviews is per chance the most productive manner to fulfill
buyer and regulatory requirements. When you happen to opt extra small print reviews, please be at liberty to contact us.


1.Take authentic wheel bolts and wheel.
2.Set BONOSS Wheel Spacer on hub of car (the put believe the wheel) Please be sure that that the spacer is entirely seated and flush with the hub.
3.Set wheel onto the spacer and match the wheel & spacer depart holes and mounting gap.
4.Insert unusual longer BONOSS wheel bolts. Fastidiously hand turn bolts making obvious that they roam in with out considerations and match well.
5.Repeat above step with the bolts left.
6.Whisper hand wrench to tighten extended bolts in a superstar pattern.
7.Plug the wheel and tire to envision whether it reason any noise or interference or not sooner than entirely tightening bolts.
8.Whisper torque wrench put with wheel producers’ specifications to tighten the longer bolts in a superstar pattern
–We need to not guilty for custom accountability or import tax.
–All Orders that Fee is bought sooner than 5pm Beijing Time M-F shall be shipped the identical day, if bought after that point, they’re going to be shipped the following enterprise day, Saturday and Sunday orders shall be processed and Shipped on Monday.
All orders are shipped by DHL/FedEx/UPS someday of the continental United States. Replace world Birth is on hand. You will need to contact us confirming hiss manner and accounting transport prices.
–Your opt shall be shipped by accepted airmail, which most ceaselessly takes 3-10 working days to come.
–We are going to have the choice to supply you tracking numbers when the merchandise is distributed out.
14 days a refund, buyer will pay return transport.
Increasingly customers include in BLOXSPORT’s occupation, so opt us.

BLOXSPORT had been specializing in manufacturing the wheel parts for 8 years. We present wheel nuts/bolts(Locking/Fundamental…), wheel spacers(3mm-120mm, 1″ spin and heaps others.), custom wheel adapters 5 lug to 5 lug; 4 lug to 4 lug; 5 lug to 6 lug;6 lug to 8 lug… We refuse to use the wheel spacer made of casting aluminum and the disagreeable quality depart/stud, lug nut. We yell in utilizing the solid aluminum alloy and fantastic depart/stud,lug nut(passed the 1 Million events Fatigue Test,and heaps others.).

We always yell on four belief respectively:

1.insistence on the carrier philosophy that safty is No.1 and rising the worth for our customers.
2. insistence on designing and producing by ourselves in discuss in confidence to invent obvious the our product’s stability of the standard and reliability.
3. insistence on the take a look at from the third rep collectively.
4. insistence on requiring ourselves to live as a lot as the highest-notch accepted amongst our rivals in discuss in confidence to invent obvious that our product shall be in the highest-notch situation in our buyer’s hand (not entirely doubtlessly the most productive quality but also there’s not any scratch on our merchandise which has been sent to our customers).

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