3 new Teslas announced for 2023 – Elon Musk

Today we’re getting into the latest Tesla news, including a ton of new updates from Elon Musk regarding Cybertruck delays, the 250 dollar model to the public release of FSD confirmed and more. So let’s get into it.

First up today, a couple of updates. It’s about the Plaid Model S, Tesla’s newest and fastest car that has had some trouble getting underway. For full deliveries. I have a Model S Plaid on order with an estimated delivery date of September 3 to 22nd, but that has been pushed back three times and we are seeing that across the board for most people who have orders in the white interior appears to be the most in demand. But one feature of this that was originally supposed to be included was a tilting screen.

Originally, Tesla’s description for the screen on this car was quote, with 2200 X 1300 resolution, ultra bright, true colors, exceptional responsiveness and a left right tilt, the new center display is the best screen to watch anywhere. Then right around the first delivery event, this updated and removed any mention of a left right tilt. In my experience using the Plaid Model S, I feel that this feature isn’t really needed, but it’s something that people have wanted. Around the time of its launch, rumors were popping up that Tesla was bringing out this feature in the future via a software update. I was skeptical of this since it’s something nobody actually saw in action, but many were expecting the screen tilt to come in a software update as they were told by Tesla employees.

Well now it has been officially confirmed that the hardware is not included in the Plaid Model S to tilt the screen. Tesla removed any mention of it on their website originally so it wasn’t expected and now it is officially not coming. Sawyer Merritt tweeted about this saying quote, I was told plagues that have been delivered do not have Motors for the screen but was told the mechanisms are in place so retrofits are possible. Tesla could have left out the Motors due to part supply issues, but I don’t know for sure. It seems like Tesla was planning to bring out this screen tilt, but the hardware has not been included in delivered Model S’s.

Model S

We’ll see if those retrofits come about, but I personally wouldn’t count on it. The refreshed Model X hasn’t launched yet, but one was spotted testing in the wild with dog mode on. We can see it featuring the yoke steering wheel showing again that Tesla plants only make this wheel on both of these cars when they launch. Flat model X’s were also spotted on the Fremont test track a few days ago, leading many to hope that it is coming very soon. Tesla’s website still shows March to April delivery of this $100,000 plus car, but hopefully customers with orders and will be able to get there in the next couple of months.

Next up, some big news from Elon Musk about the Cybertruck and $25,000 Tesla, among other things. According to a few sources, Tesla held an all hands meeting on Thursday evening that covered a lot of topics. Some of the overview things shared by Sawyer Merit included things like October approval for Model Y production out of Gigafactory Berlin. Likely they’ll be making Model Y out of there starting then with normal 21, 70 cells, and they will gradually shift to their new 46, 80 batteries unveiled at battery day for Giga, Texas. Tesla is apparently going to spell their name on the roof for planes to see landing at the airport nearby.

Regarding the Cyber truck, there’s been a lot of confusion and rumors as to when it will finally be made. We know that it will be coming out of Giga, Texas and that Tesla has officially delayed initial production to 2022, according to the Cybertruck website. Well, some new news for the steel factory that is supposed to be used for the body of the Cybertruck came out last week. Drone footage of the Steel Dynamics Sent in plant showed the facility coming to form and progressing quickly. Much like Giga, Texas, this company is expected to make the Cybertruck steel and steel for the SpaceX Starship program.

Cyber Truck

Apparently, quote, Tesla would still be redoing the steel that it would be taking from the sentence facility to create the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton. This plant is expected to cost one $7 billion to create and start operations in fall of 2021. Originally this is good news for the Cybertruck timeline, but Elon specifically said on this call that they expect, quote, production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023. He reiterated how difficult the technology is on this truck to ramp up, but quote, It will be a special project, like a glitch in the Matrix, like if Neo had a car. While this isn’t very shocking given how much Tesla is ramping up model wise, how much the 46, 80 sales appear to be delayed, and how much chip and supply shortages are affecting the whole industry, it’s still disappointing to see another deadline not met by Tesla.

Late 2021 was the original Cybertruck announcement date, and now it looks like a full year late, if not in 2023. The other car that is the most delayed from Tesla is the new Roadster, unveiled all the way back in 2017 for a 2020 release. Elon tweeted about that car and what he said also applies to the Cyber truck. Quote 2021 has been the year of super crazy supply chain shortages, so it wouldn’t matter if we had 17 new products as none would ship. Assuming 2022 is not mega drama, new Roadster should ship in 2023, right?

There is a confirmation of the latest Roadster timeline from Elon Musk, but what he said for supply chain issues also applies to the Cybertruck. Tesla’s newest Plaid Model S has been out for over two months and it’s still hard to track one down. So as unfortunate as the Cybertruck delays are they make sense for a new radical pickup truck from Tesla that uses all new battery cells and more. On the same call where Elon talked about the Cybertruck reaching volume production in 2023, he also talked about the $25,000 Tesla that they unveiled at Battery day. There have been all sorts of rumors of this new vehicle coming much sooner than we had expected, with rumors going as far as Tesla using bid to supply new blade batteries for the car later this year.

Model 3

All of this is rumored, but the latest update from Elon Musk was that for one, it won’t be called the Model Two. The only reason they made the Model Three, the Model Three was because Ford had a trademark on Model E, so they needed a replacement. Quote, Only did Model Three because Ford had Model E trademark, so we just did Model Three to troll them. According to various sources. Speaking with Electric, Tesla employees said that Tesla plans to release this car in 2023, the same year they’ll hit volume production of the Cyber truck and possibly release the Roadster, if all goes well in 2022.

So as for the release of these cars, it looks like Tesla is planning to release three new cars in 2023, with the Cyber truck possibly starting a release in 2022, if all goes well. While that sounds ambitious, keep in mind that right now Tesla is building two new large factories. Giga Shanghai continues to make more cars each day, and Fremont keeps pushing with over a year until 2023. It definitely seems possible that they have enough operations and supply going for all of these cars to come that same year, and I can’t wait. Regarding the $25,000 Tesla, though, at Tesla’s battery day, Elon Musk said something that he just clarified on this call.

Here’s what he said originally at battery day. Very compelling $25,000 electric vehicle that’s also fully autonomous. That goal of it being autonomous seemed like it would have the option to have Tesla’s full self driving package that should be much more functional by then, but he meant much more. According to Sawyer Merrick, quote, Elon said Tesla is considering Model Two not having steering wheel and pedals and just roll the dice on FSD. Tesla has unveiled renders before of their goal to make a Model Three without a steering wheel, but there were obviously delays and they’re hoping that true level five autonomy will arrive in line with the release of that $25,000 EV so that it only drives itself.

Now, people will be upset about that for sure, but it isn’t a for sure thing, apparently. Elon even asked employees, quote, do we want to have this car come with a steering wheel and pedals? His vision is that full self driving will be safer than a human being driving, so it will make sense to ship a car without a wheel. Tesla ship the Model S Plaid with the yoke wheel exclusively so they’re known to do radical things with main controls of a car. However, Tesla’s are also incredibly fun to drive, and this car shouldn’t be any different.

My guess is that it will at least initially release with normal features like a steering wheel and pedals. But Tesla absolutely wants to achieve this goal and at least have the option to buy it without, since in theory it should be safer. The last new vehicle Elon talked about at this event is the idea of a Robo van. This would also require FSD, but Sawyer Merritt said quote Robovan in the future to address people with disability. As I’ve talked about in previous videos, Elon has talked a lot about the idea of a future Tesla van, even saying it would be built on the Model X chassis.


This would probably merge into the same project, but like their vision of a $25,000 vehicle in 2023 would be a van that drives itself only. These are all great goals for full self driving, but we’ve seen how long progress actually takes on these things, so most won’t actually count on these robovans or 100% self driving cars for 2023, but I’d love to see it. A couple more updates from that call include Tesla reportedly starting to open up their Supercharger network as soon as next month, first in Europe to other cars. Tesla is working on an app to make it easier for other cars to work with Superchargers, and they’ve apparently tested 14 different EVs for compatibility so far. This is exciting for Tesla’s mission, but as they continue to sell tons of cars, they’ll need to significantly ramp up their Supercharger expansion in order to prevent lines and backlogs charging Tesla’s as well as other EVs that could potentially charge slower and for longer.

Extra revenue from more EVs using their Chargers should help them expand quicker, so hopefully that all goes well when it eventually launches across the world. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that Tesla is often late to deadlines, but they now have the tendency to sandbag a little bit. The Model Y launched far earlier than Tesla announced and was well underway for full production by the time their originally announced release date hit. It’s very possible that while Elon is talking about volume, cyber truck production, Roadster production, and $25,000 Tesla production in 2023, Tesla is aiming for a much more accelerated goal. However, people can get caught up in this and just assume that Tesla is sandbagging, and then when something arrives late, they are disappointed.

So keep in mind that these things could come early, but don’t count on it. One more update from that call was in regards to Tesla’s growth, to which Elon said he is expecting to grow by a factor of ten. When you look at everything Tesla is doing and what they are doing right as they expand, this doesn’t seem too crazy. So we’ll have to see what the future holds the next big updates were about FSD, and he further expanded on FSD in tweets, confirming a public release on the call, Elon was reportedly praising the Tesla team for their hard work and said quote FSD ten is quite profound. A revelation is the future.

  1. Ten next week and button requests two weeks after that. Tesla’s full self driving package appears to be getting a much needed and much anticipated update in the next few weeks. Tesla has been releasing beta versions to beta testers fairly regularly, with a fully retrained neural network in process labeling in new ways that the Autopilot system has not done before. It has been in process for a while, and Tesla has promised their Auto Steer on City Streets feature as coming later this year for quite some time now.

In fact for well over a year. In any case, the latest updates are looking promising for a wide release coming to the general public. Elon Musk tweeted on September 1 saying, quote FSD beta ten rolls out midnight Friday next week. Now, of course, this is still the beta exclusively for a handful of beta testers, but he followed that up to say quote looks promising that beta ten one about two weeks later will be good enough for public opt in request button. His mention of a request button sounds like this download beta button he mentioned in the past, but it will still likely be a little tough to receive it rather than anyone being able to get it or it being pushed to all cars automatically.

You’ll have to find the button request access and Tesla may go through a review process to ensure you’re fit to test the beta. Regarding the UI, when asked if beta ten will have improvements over beta nine, which we’ve seen a lot of, he said yes, this will come to the United States first, as they discussed in depth at AI Day. There is lots of neural network training and learning to be done, and the US is their first training ground since countries differ quite a bit for Canadian Tesla owners and FSD users, Elon said quote not sure, but maybe a few months in general for any region. We need to make software work well, test it extensively, and then get regulatory approval. If we could go faster while being safe, we would.

One more tweet from Elon possibly added a bit of confusion to this public opt in request button. When asked if 10.2 this beta version would expand to early access users, he said quote that is the aspiration, but we need to be cautious. Safety is always paramount at Tesla. Hopefully this is only casting doubt on the initial beta timeline, and then it will be pushed to the general public a few weeks later without issue. This time, especially after a I day, it feels like Tesla may be serious in getting close.

However, back all the way in March of this year. Elon tweeted saying quote due to high levels of demand for FSD beta, adding download beta button to service section of card display in around ten days. This never came whatsoever, and instead he tweeted six days later that the beta had been expanded to around 2000 owners and taken away from people who were not paying enough attention. Hopefully it’s different this time, but I wouldn’t count on it, and this is a big reason why I never recommend people spend the $10,000 for the full self driving package. As it is now, you’re paying for future features that keep having tons of delays.


It actually seems that many agree with me because in a new survey posted by At Troy Teslaic, it shows a declining FSD take rate down to about 11%. This means that about 11% of people buying a new Tesla opt in for the full self driving package, and there could be a lot of factors for why this is occurring. First, more demand for Tesla cars from people who don’t really care about or know about SSD and don’t want to pay $10,000 for software. This data stops before the subscription was released for $200 per month, but that may be a factor of a lower take rate in the future for the FSD package on purchase since the full self driving package stays with the vehicle. Many like this subscription option.

Then there is the fact that Tesla has promised a lot and delivered little when it comes to this package. For me personally, I have it on my Model Y, and the only feature I actually uses Auto Lane change. The rest is Normal Autopilot, which is included on every Tesla. This is a big motivation for Tesla to get going with this full selfdriving beta if these rates are truly continuing to lower as a result of delays. In an ideal world, though, once this beta gets in the hands of general customers later this month or next, it will have all of the core fundamentals in place and millions of miles of data will be collected that will train the neural network at a rapid pace.

Then Tesla continues refining and self driving can get better and better and require less human interaction to the point where none is needed by 2023 for the release of this steering wheel list $25,000 car. Also, every customer who has bought the full self driving package so far will get this update and get all of these features massively increasing the value of their cars, which is why this package is so expensive. If they can actually achieve that, it will be well worth it. That’s the goal in an ideal world, and it seems farfetched that we’ll see that in 2023 at level five Autonomy, but I’d love to see it. Next up, relating to full self driving, Tesla has begun expanding their driver monitoring system that uses the driver facing camera in their cars.

Currently, Tesla autopilot assesses driver inattention by requiring steering wheel input. Unfortunately, this can be easily overridden by people who want to be stupid. Buying weights for the wheel so that the car can drive and you don’t have to pay attention. It’s again what Tesla requires recommends and what is safe, but people do it anyway leading to a lot of controversy as a result and pushing further into the future for this technology, Tesla has implemented a new driver monitoring system that uses the driver facing camera the Model Three and Y have had since the beginning. The new refreshed Model S and X have these cameras as well.

Tesla initially put this driver monitoring on radarless cars that have been shifting for the last few months and now they are pushing the software to all cars saying, quote, the cabin camera above your rear view mirror can now determine driver and attentiveness and provide you with audible alerts to remind you to keep your eyes on the road when autopilot is engaged. Camera images do not leave the vehicle itself, which means the system cannot save or transmit information unless you enable data sharing. Tesla is being clear about data sharing here, which is the main concern for many people with this feature. But going forward, it seems that this will be necessary for the safety of self driving cars until level five autonomy is truly achieved and nobody needs to pay attention. Last up today one small update about the plowed Model S.

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Last week it was reported that Tesla crashed a Model S at the nerve ring and now there is footage of the car taking lapse there as Tesla apparently continues to try to hit a record. It’s incredibly impressive footage, especially since this car is available for purchase at a price that, while high, is cheaper than most other cars that can achieve these specs. I’d be very curious to see if they have a round or yoke wheel on that Model S for these runs, but hopefully we’ll get some results soon. It does seem that this car is lowered so we’ll see if it has other modifications to optimize it for the nervous ring. That’s all the latest Tesla news for today.

So in the meantime, if you want to check out the latest about Tesla’s AI robot, you can check out that video linked over here or in the description below. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you on the next one.