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Tesla Part Info:



** If Your Wheel Has Wheel Cap, This Set May Not Work **

** Please Refer the Dimension Marked to Your Existing Lug Nuts For Size Check **

** Only Fit 7/8″ OE Size Required Stock Wheel, Please Check Shape With Your Existing Lug Nuts **

** One Pieced Solid Steel w/o Cap Construction **

Product Specification:

Lug Nut Type: Close End Bulge Acorn

Lug Nut Thread Pitch: M14x1.5

Lug Nut Seat Type: Cone Seat

Lug Nut Hex Size: 7/8″

Lug Nut Overall Diameter: 1.19″(30mm)

Lug Nut Overall Height: 1.58″(40mm)

Lug Nut Thread Depth: 1.3″(33mm)

Lug Nut Finish: Black

Lug Nut Material Made: SCM Steel

Requirements of the Vehicle Specification

Required Vehicle Hub Thread: M14x1.5

Maximum Wheel Stud Length: 1.3″(33mm)

*If Your Stud is Longer Than the Maximum Allowance, You MUST Trim the Stud.

Requirements of the Wheel Specification

Required Vehicle Wheel Lug Nuts Seat Type: Cone Seat

Required Vehicle Wheel Lug Hole Diameter: Bigger Than 1.3″ (33mm)

*If the Lug Hole Diameter is Smaller Than 1.3″(33mm), 7/8″ Hexed Lugs Will NOT Fit

Required Vehicle Wheel Lug Nuts Hex: 7/8″

Requirements of the Wrench Size

Required Wrench Socket Size: 7/8″(22mm)

What You Will Receive:

20    pcs Lug Nuts

Compatibility Chart and Important Part Note:

Please Carefully Check for Generation information

Make Model Type Year Made Generation Required Hub Thread Required Hex
Tesla Model 3 Passenger 2017-2021 M14x1.5 Cone Seat 7/8″
Tesla Model S Passenger 2012-2021 M14x1.5 Cone Seat 7/8″
Tesla Model X SUV/Truck/Van 2015-2021 M14x1.5 Cone Seat 7/8″
Tesla Model Y SUV/Truck/Van 2020-2021 M14x1.5 Cone Seat 7/8″


  • Buyer must check compatibility chart before buying, any vehicle that is not displayed in the capability may NOT fit.
  • Buyer must check part notes regarding generations, wheel type, etc.
  • Parts must meet all the requirements listed in the description in order to ensure fitment and safety. 
  • If you are not sure, you can always contact customer service for help.

Return & Exchange Policy:

Your happiness with the product is our top concern. We allow returns based on the following rules:

  • Return & Exchange is allowed within 30-day of Purchase Date
  • Return Product must be unused, intact, and with the original package
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping charge
  • Buyer is responsible for all exchange shipping charge
  • Please allow 3 business day after the delivery of your return for us to process the refund.
  • 15% RMA Restocking Fee is applied to all Adapter/Spacer/Spike orders.
  • Please use a specific return shipping address (not the ship-from address) to avoid the 30% Processing Fee.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.


  • All shipments will be shipped via Fedex 2 Days (Same-Day), If your address is not qualified for FedEx Service, it will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-5 Days).
  • Order placed before 9:00 am PST will be shipped on the same day. Order placed after 9:00am will be shipped promptly the next business day.
  • If you wish to cancel or modify order, please notify Customer Service before 9:00 am PST or we won’t be able to change/cancel your order prior to shipping.
  • We also provide local pickup service! Contact us for more information.


  • 30-Day Return Policy;
  • For Colored Lug Nuts (Any color other than Chrome), we suggest the use of manual torque for installation to avoid damage to the paint layer.
  • Warranty is voided if power tool is used
  • Abuse of Usage (Excessive power torque) will not be covered by Warranty

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q:    When will my order shipped?

A:    Order made by 9:00 am Pacific Time will be shipped same day, except Holidays, Weekends. Order made after 9:00 am Pacific Time will be shipped on next Business Day.

Q:    The shipping status indicates my package was sent, but there is no movement or scan.

A:    Order sent during peak hour or season may subject to delayed by shipping company in rare case, some package will be delivered without having tracking information due to the shipping company system glitch. If we did not send out something due to any reason, we will contact you in the same day.

Q:    My package was returned to sender

A:    Shipping company will return packages if the address is wrong, missing apartment number, vacant, or security issues of your drop off location. Please double check your address before buying, once the package is returned, there will be additional shipping charge.

Q:    Shipping company holds my package and requests for additional postage

A:    All the package postage was paid off upon our agreement with Shipping company, if there is possibility that you get the notice of additional postage, please DO NOT make payment and refuse the package. Contact customer service for help. We will NOT be responsible to additional postage paid on customer side.

Q:    Can I request to change my address?

A:    Please send customer service message as soon as possible if you need to change address, once the package was sent, we won’t be able to change address.

Q:    I did not receive my order, but the tracking information says delivered.

A:    For delivered status package, please contact your local shipping company agency for information. You can also make claim directly to them.

Q:    It won’t fit my vehicle but the description includes my model

A:    Compatibility chart is only used to check stud thread corresponded to wheel lugs. There are many other factors on your wheel will determine the fitment such as HEX, SEAT TYPE that is determined by rim that is NOT included in the compatibility chart. Some models within the same year may have different configurations. Please check GENERATION as well. For vintage model, your stud may have been changed due to the age of the car. Please check carefully.

Q:    My car is not listed in the compatibility chart, but the requirement matches, can I use this sets?

A:    As long as you check all the requirements match, you are good to use it.

Q:    What does Fender Gap mean?

A:    Fender Gap is the maximum Thickness of Adapter you can use, if you go beyond fender gap, your wheel will run the fender to cause problems. Please refer to the guide to measure fender gap before buying.

Q:    How do I choose correct thickness?

A:    Please refer to the Fender Gap Limitation to select from the safe range.

Q:    I need more help or support, discount, bulk deal

A:    Contact customer service for help at any time.


  • Professional Installation is recommended.
  • Please use proper power tools and/or manual installation based on the vehicle’s recommended torque spec (found on vehicle’s operator manual)
  • Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the listed product.
  • By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you fully understand the information and terms listed above.
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